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Taiwanese hospital develops healthcare platform utilizing block chain

Taiwanese hospital develops healthcare platform utilizing block chain

TAIPEI TIMES reported that Taiwan · Taipei Medical University Hospital announced a healthcare platform utilizing block chains.

This platform was developed as a project to support the government’s hierarchical medical system .

More than 100 hospitals are participating in the project, and the objective is to solve “common problems” in medicine such as hospital introduction process and data transfer between portal sites for patients.

High-resolution diagnostic images, test results, health information, etc. are recorded as data on the block chain, and patients can access through the mobile application.

In addition, on this system, it is said that Smart Contract makes it easy and safe to share patient records among medical institutions.

Mr. Chen Riu, the hospital director of the hospital, talks as follows.

Platform can not only integrate electronic medical charts of different hospitals, but also incorporates security functions such as requesting notification and consent before data transfer.

Block chains will also minimize the risk of security damage.

Also, Mr. Wang Dynasty, a doctor in Taipei City, said, “By accessing all the medical data of a patient, we can better understand the health condition.”

Article Source: Hospital launches online platform

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