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Tech bureau, compensation policy for outflow incidents of cryptocurrency exchange Zaif Still solidified

We found that the formal response to the cryptocurrency spill incident occurred at Zaif cryptocurrency exchange operated by Tech Bureau on September 14 last month has not been decided yet .

In the current cryptocurrency outbreak case that occurred last month, three currencies of Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin cache (BCH), monacoin (MONA) are being targeted and the total amount of damage is said to be about 7 billion yen .

The Bitcoin (BTC), which is said to be about 4.2 billion yen in damage amount, is remitted and exchanged to an overseas exchange that does not require identity verification, so it is difficult to identify who is at hand. It seems.

Tech BURERO announced that it will receive a financial support of 5 billion yen from Fisco Co., Ltd. in order to secure the financial resources of customer assets, but as of October 1, Tech Bureau assumed financial support from Fiscal We are continuing the examination. “ It is revealing that it takes time to discuss the matter.

From September 14th until the writing of the article (October 4th), detailed announcement about the spill incident to the customer from Tech Bureau was not made and the distrust of customers is increasing.

Also, the Financial Services Agency seems to be investigating about about 10.9 billion yen that Zaif procured with ICO which was aimed at strengthening development of block chain.

On the current situation in the case of spill of cryptocurrency
In the case of the spill of the cryptocurrency which occurred at our company,
We will announce the progress situation of our response. https://t.co/36 BFMF 52 KY

– Zaif – Encryption Currency Exchange (@ zaifdotjp) October 1, 2018

“The Financial Services Agency is investigating the milestone of 109 billion yen ICO funds raised by Zaif management company” https://t.co/B9wYTrttkX

– Okami Man (@okasanman) October 4, 2018

A hacking attack of 6.7 billion yen leaked to the cryptocurrency exchange Zaif (Zif)

Article Source: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

I would like you to investigate ICO’s 10.9 billion ways of misappropriation and supplementary measures properly and to announce details as soon as possible.

Author: Yush [Coin Desk News] – Source Post: https://crypto-times.jp/techbreau-zaif-crypto/

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