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Tether disable 500 million USDT

Tether (Tether) issuing stable coin · USDT which caused a sharp fall of price on 15th this month, invalidated 500 million USDT (equivalent to about 500 million dollars), completely removed from the market understood.

Omni Explorer, which can track the transaction of Omni (omni) which is the foundation of Tether, confirmed that 500 million USDT was remitted from the wallet address which is the reserve of the company on 24th this year to the address considered as the issuer of USDT I will.

The remittance tether was not only discontinued from the circulation of the market, but also completely invalidated 40 minutes after remittance.

According to the official announcement, Tether said that it took over about a week to buy back the token and invalidated the USDT in a manner compliant with the white paper.

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