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The Bitcoin Phone: Pundi X has made the world's first Blockchain call


Pundi X is a blockchain project based in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. The team's goal is to make using cryptocurrencies “as easy as buying a bottle of water”. The direction of the project is large and aims at “the next billion people”. To do this, Pundi X operates worldwide. The office has physical offices in Jakarta, London, São Paulo, Seoul, Tokyo, Shenzhen and Singapore. Since August 2018, the team has had 150 full-time employees, half of whom are focused on research and development.

Now Pundi X has announced that it has made the “world's first blockchain phone call”. This was carried out on the new blockchain-oriented Pundi-X mobile phone, the “XPhone”. Pundi X claims from his phone that no “centralized mobile service provider” is needed to operate.

At the same time, Pundi X announced its own set of application layers to support the new phone. This includes a specially developed blockchain called “Function X” or “F (X)”. The self-created app environment was created to decentralize all “apps, websites, data and all communication”. This is evident from Pundi X's press release.

F (X) OS is Pundi X's own Android 9.0 operating system. This is based on the XPhone and allows full compatibility with other apps from the Android ecosystem. However, there was no further explanation from the company. After all, the team published press photos of a mobile phone that was apparently developed by Pundi X itself. Nevertheless, F (X) OS should also be available to other manufacturers for testing purposes.

Not just a telephone, but a “decentralized total solution”

The company also announced the FXTP protocol, the F (X) IPFS (Interplanetary File System) and the F (X) stool. Overall, however, Pundi X did not reveal much details about this. However, it seems that the team wants to integrate its ecosystem into the public IPFS addressing system.

Pundi X also plans to not use the standardized but outdated HTTP Internet protocol. Rather, one wants to use the own FXTP protocol. Each Pundi X device should act as a node in the Pundi X network. However, Pundi did not give any details about the function of each node. For example, it is still unclear at this point whether the nodes will save the whole blockchain.

However, the company made further comments on its decentralized Internet Protocol. It was said that this protocol guarantees communication without interruptions. At the same time, it gives users direct access to shared data.

However, Pundi X is not the first company to launch a Blockchain mobile phone. Also the company HTC pursues appropriate plans. They also want to launch a blockchain mobile phone called “Exodus” on the market.

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