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The collaboration between Japan's first block chain game “Kuripu Pig” and the world's first block chain game “Crypto Kitties” has started!

From June 14th, 2019, “Kuripu Pig (Ton)” started a collaboration with “CryptoKitties”.

This time, “Kuropu Pig” started a collaboration event with Dapper Labs’ blockchain game “Cryptokitties”.

We hold special race “Dapper cup” for exclusive use of Dapper wallet users. We will distribute Specialton in collaboration with “CryptoKitties” as the main race reward.

In addition, Dapper Labs plans to offer “Crypto Kitties”.

Collaboration race “Dapper cup” summary

Qualifying: June 14 (Fri) 8:00 to June 27 (Thu) 15:00

Main game: June 28 (Fri) 9:00


It distributes 1st to 3rd place of the main game “Crypto Kittyton” and “Special Crypto Kitty × 2”.
It distributes 4th-6th place “Krop Kittiton” and “Special Crypto Kitty × 1”.
(Special crypt kitty will be distributed from Dapper Labs)
(The WINS chip will be distributed according to the first to sixth place)

Requirements: “Dapper” installation and sign-in.

Run conditions: Eggton (no age restrictions)

Dapper is a wallet that can be used free of charge by GAS.

Install at this opportunity, let’s produce your favorite ripton in a match.

Let’s grow Eggton with Dapper and participate in the Dapper cup to get “Crypto Kittyton”! The ring of “Krypto Kittyton” spreads if it puts it out ton life!

Official site: https://www.crypt-oink.io/

About Dapper

“Dapper” is a wallet developed by Dapper Labs, which operates CryptoKitties. There are features such as the fee (GAS) to be charged when running Ethereum.

Dapper download

Dapper official site

A special wholesale store has appeared!

New features “Eye: Mecha”, “ear: Mecha” will appear in the lineup for a limited time in the wholesale ton shop!

Get “Eye: Mecha” or “Ear: Mecha” and have them match up with “Crypto Kittiton”! There is a high possibility that “Crypto Kittiton” will be born!

The ton is marked only during the collaboration period. At first there are 11 clips with “eyes: mecha” and 11 clips with “ears: mecha”, and one is added every 4 hours.

A total of 100 animals will be sold, and the final addition is scheduled for 20:00 on Thursday, 20 June.
※ The characteristics of “Eye: Mecha” and “ear: Mecha” will be considered for sale at a general wholesale store after a certain period of time.

Sales period: June 14 (Fri) 8:00-

Official site: https://www.crypt-oink.io/


“Cryptokitties” was released in November 2017 and is the world’s first game provided on a blockchain. Kittens with a wide variety of appearances linked to DNA information are recorded as digital assets in the Ethereum block chain, and players can freely buy and sell.

・ Crypto Kitties WEB site: http://dap.pr/0qhod
・ Dapper Labs WEB site: http://dap.pr/cryptooink

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