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The Constantinople hard fork which was scheduled for Ethereum (Ethicalam) was postponed

Deeproppers and others, who was in charge of developing Ethereum (Etharium) announced that they would postpone the Constantinople that was scheduled to start testnet on October 9. Bitcoin Exchange Guide reported on 4th.

Via community decision, we’ve delayed the #Ethereum Ropsten testnet Constantinople hard fork by 1 epoch to block # 4230000 (+5 days) to allow clients to implement, test and release an update to CREATE 2, countering a recently found EVM DoS attack vector .https: //t.co/q0bUyj3GfR

– Péter Szilágyi (@ peter_szilagyi) October 4, 2018

Constantinople is one of the hard forks in Ethereum and is done to strengthen the network’s capabilities . The Ethereum roadmap shows four stages: frontier, homestead, metropolis and serenity, but Constantinople is the next to Metropolis.

Peter Szilagyi, leader of the Ethereum Foundation, says that vulnerabilities were discovered in the update of Constantinople as the main reason for postponing the hard fork.

This postponement will also give the Ropsten user the opportunity to try the Ethereum project with a new chain and provide a period to prepare for the division of the upcoming network.

Since Constantinople requires a hard fork, it affects various parts such as the system of issuing remuneration, code and data storage. Therefore, existing nodes on the Ropsten test net must reflect changes.

At the moment Launch of Constantinople is scheduled to be around 4,230,000 blocks on October 14 .

Article Source: Bitcoin Exchange Guide


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