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The countdown to the main net launch of Cosmos Hub is started

A cross-chain project, Cosmos, has officially started to count down to the launch of the main net .

The official site for the launch shows the date until the countdown, and the launch is scheduled for March 14 at 8:00 am Japan time .

The white paper was released in 2016, and Cosmos has been developed for about three years, and security audits and testing nets (Game of Stakes) have been underway since the beginning of this year.

Completed the other day, “Collecting Genesis Transaction” has selected the initial validator, leaving only the launch of the main net.

Milestones for the Cosmos Hub launch

The plans after the main net launch of Cosmos Hub are divided into three phases:

  1. Network stabilization after launch
  2. Movement of tokens is prohibited
  3. IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) becomes available

In the main net launch of the 14th, which is Phase 1 , it is predicted that the network will be unstable, so we can not move Atom, which is the token of Cosmos .

In Phase 2 , the on-chain governance (Voting with Atom) determines whether or not the movement of the Atom will be lifted from the community voting .

In Phase 3 , the IBC will be available, and the other blockchains will be connected for the first time, allowing users to move tokens, NFTs, etc. on Cosmos .

Also, the other day, the future of Cosmos’ Atom token was listed on DFlow, a Korean exchange, but announced that it will swap 1: 1 after its launch.

COSMOS ATOM token futures listed on the Korean emerging exchange DFLOW on February 18 – CRYPTO TIMES

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