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The listing of Stella (Stella) / $ XLM is decided on Coinbase Prices are also rising due to the announcement of listing.



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It is announced that Stellal (Stella) / XLM will be listed on Coinbase (coin base) of a major cryptocurrency exchange .

Following this announcement, the price of Stellar / $ XLM has risen compared to the previous day

From now on Coinbase will be able to trade in three currency pairs: XLM / USD, XLM / EUR and XLM / BTC .

In addition, the handling of Stella (Stella) / $ XLM is divided into 4 stages, and the start of each stage will be announced from the official Twitter as needed.

The other day, Coinbase has announced that it has launched a focused BAT token course at Coinbase Earn, a service that earns tokens while studying cryptocurrency. (Learn more)

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