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The number of mining malware also increased by 40 times in 2017 to 2017

McAfee (McAfee) Inc. survey found that the number of ” coin minor type malware ” that performs illegal mining on computer and IoT equipment without consent of owner explodedly increased in 2018.

Looking at the survey data, we found that the number of new coin minerals recorded last year was less than 250 thousand, but in 2018 it was found that each quarter was over ten times more than 2.5 thousand I will.

According to McAfee, the new type increase rate of coin miner in 2018 reaches 4000% (total number 40 times) .

“OSX.Dummy” which performs illegal mining on Mac OS is said to have spread through investor / minor group on Messenger such as Slack, Telegram, Discord etc.

Furthermore, some coin miners have something that exists as an add-on (extension function) of general software or latent on IoT devices such as cameras and video recorders.

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Article Source: Report by McAfee (English)

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