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The topic of how to draw in professional players of blockchain TCG “ Gods Unchained '' is cool

Gods Unchained, a popular blockchain TCG (trading card game), has become a hot topic as it reaches out to pro players who have been expelled from other games.

Gods Unchained is a new TCG that is also expected to enter the esports industry, and can use the blockchain technology to openly trade in-game cards.

One of the origins of this game is a game called Hearthstone. This is a game offered by an American company called Blizzard Entertainment.

Hearthstone is one of the most popular TCGs, but Hong Kong pro gamer Blitzchung, who was active in this grand tournament, said his reasoning It has become a hot topic that the prize money and the right to participate in tournaments have been deprived.

Breaking: Effective immediately, Blizzard has removed Hong Kong Hearthstone player blitzchung from Hearthstone Grand Masters, rescinded all his prize money, and have suspended him from pro play for one year for his recent interview.

Statement below https://t.co/ByI8vrZk1a pic.twitter.com/3h6jKYezMQ

— Rod Breslau (@Slasher) October 8, 2019

In an interview after the Grand Masters, “Revolution in our time!”, Said Blizzard stripping his prize money as this deserves to “attack or hurt Blizzard's impression” Participation was prohibited for the year.

The two hosts who were interviewing Blitzchung also seemed to have been fired despite not knowing what he said, and the public was inundated with criticism. Blizzard has disabled all comments on the website.

Blitzchung (right) ) And two interviewing hosts who hide their faces under the desk for fear of trouble (left)

Gods Unchained received this news, Announced that it will cover the prize money stripped off by Blitzchung in the tweet and give a ticket to the $ 10,000 50 tournament did.

The management criticized Blizzard's case that “a centralized game company proved to censor and use players for immediate money.”

In addition, Gods Unchained says that in-game items and markets are managed on the blockchain, so “ we may be against your (political) opinion, I ca n’t take my card. ”

It's not clear whether Blitzchung actually accepted the offer, but Twitter and others praise Gods Unchained's “ how to draw pro players cool '' There are many.

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