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Thorough explanation of Coincheck deposit! Let's check the handling fee when the fee is not reflected from the procedure

Coincheck ” is popular as a cryptocurrency exchange for beginners.

To conduct cryptocurrency trading with Coincheck, you must first deposit .

Therefore, in this article, we will summarize the payment procedure for Coincheck , procedures and fees, and how to deal with when you cannot deposit.

If you read this, you will be able to deposit Coincheck smoothly and start trading immediately!

Compare Coincheck's three Japanese yen deposit methods! Comprehensive explanation of fees and procedures

Bank transfer Convenience store transfer Quick deposit
Fee free Less than 30,000 yen 756Circle

More than 30,000 yen 30 Less than 10,000 yen 1000Circle
Less than 30,000 yen 756Circle

More than 30,000 yen 50 Less than 10,000 yen 1000Circle

50 More than 10,000 yen Amount x 0 108% + 486Circle
Transfer upper limit None 30Ten thousand yen 99 Ten thousand 9999Circle
Reflection speed 10 minutes to several hours Almost immediately Almost immediately

In the coin check, three payment methods Is prepared, and it can be said that the deposit speed is relatively fast.

In addition, at least the amount that can be transferred at one time is 30 It is very convenient because it is set as high as 10,000 yen.

For fees, quick deposits are expensive, so avoid them if possible. It is advantageous to make a bank transfer that does not charge a fee.

How to deposit Japanese yen into Coincheck
  • Bank transfer procedure
  • Convenience store deposit procedure
  • Quick deposit procedure

Bank transfer procedure

Coincheck 入金

First, log in to Coin Check.

After login, select Wallet → Japanese Yen deposit from the left side menu.

Coincheck 入金

Then, the account information like the image above will be displayed, so transfer the desired amount to that account and you are done.

* Be sure to add your user ID before the name of the transferor.

Convenience store deposit procedure

Same as above, select Wallet → Japanese Yen deposit from left side menu.

Coincheck 入金

When the screen changes, switch to “Convenience store deposit”.

First, enter the desired amount.

Coincheck 入金

Next, select a convenience store and click “Continue Payment”.

Coincheck 入金

Then you will see a screen like the above image, so please click “Check Payment Information”.

After clicking, payment information will be displayed, so payment is completed at the convenience store.

Quick deposit procedure

Coincheck 入金

Please switch to “Quick deposit” on the deposit screen in the same way as convenience store deposit.

After switching, enter the desired amount and click “Issue Payment Information”.

Coincheck 入金

will bring up a screen similar to the above image, so click “Check Payment Information”.

After that, payment information will come out.

A thorough explanation of how to deposit cryptocurrency into Coincheck!

The procedure for depositing cryptocurrency into Coincheck is very simple.

Here are three steps to deposit cryptocurrency to Coincheck .

Even if you are a beginner, if you proceed with this procedure, depositing cryptocurrency will be completed in no time!

Procedure for depositing cryptocurrency
  • [Procedure 1] Select “Receive Coin” in the menu
  • [Step 2] Select cryptocurrency and deposit Create an address
  • [Procedure 3] Send the cryptocurrency to the deposit address

[Step 1] Select “Receive Coin” in the menu

Coincheck 入金

First, log in to the coin check.

After logging in, select “Receive Coin” from the left side menu.

[Step 2] Select a cryptocurrency and create a deposit address

Coincheck 入金

Select “ Receive Coin '' in step 1 to go to the screen as shown above And move on.

Select the cryptocurrency you want to deposit (buy) and click “Create Address” to create an address for depositing the cryptocurrency.

[Procedure 3] Sending cryptocurrency to the deposit address

Once you have created an address, copy the payment address.

If you send money to this address from outside (wallet or external exchange), the money transfer to Coincheck will be completed.

The deposit check is not reflected in the coin check !? 5 check points when you can not deposit

Despite the last deposit, I will explain the five points that should be checked when payment is not easily completed.

Let's check one by one without skipping to see if you are working properly.

Check items when payment is not reflected
  • It takes time to forget the user ID when transferring to SBI Sumishin Net Bank
  • Transfer name and coin check Cannot deposit if the account name of is different
  • Transfers are not reflected outside business hours of coin check
  • If cryptocurrency payment is slow, reconfirm that the address is correct
  • When it is late, the transaction is busy Check

1 It takes time to forget the user ID when transferring to SBI Sumishin Net Bank

When transferring to SBI Sumishin Net Bank account, I forgot to enter the ID in the name of the transfer If , you will need to make an inquiry about the forgottenness after entering the following 4 items from the deposit inquiry form.

  • Bank of the bank account to transfer to (select pull-down)
  • Transfer date
  • Transfer name (Kana)
  • Transfer amount (yen)

Confirmed by the management It will be reflected in your account as soon as you get it.

Also, this confirmation may take some time, so don't forget to enter your ID.

If you do not know the deposit information
If you don't know the above 4 items, You can check from the transfer details.

2. If the name of the transfer and the name of the coin check account are different, you cannot deposit

In principle, The name of the transfer person must be the same as the coin check account .

Even if it is in the name of the maiden name or the principal, the deposit will not be reflected if it is different from the account name.

If you make a mistake in the name of the transfer, please request a reimbursement procedure from the source financial institution.

3. Transfers are not reflected outside the coin check hours

Mizuho Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, etc. If it is a bank), 24 Time transfer is possible.

After transfer, the coin check operation will be reflected in the account after confirmation.

If you use a bank that is not a member of the More Time System, Confirmation will be completed on the next business day after the transfer is. In other words, it will be reflected in the account, so it will be the next business day at the earliest.

Please note that the system may be delayed due to system maintenance.

4. When depositing cryptocurrency is slow, reconfirm that the address is correct

When depositing to a deposit address of a different cryptocurrency, it is correctly reflected in the balance. It will not be.

When you make a deposit, of course, if you feel “that? Something slow”, check that you have the right address right away.

If you enter the wrong address
If you send the wrong address, cryptocurrency will not return. Let's do not forget the final check as well as paste it with a copy and paste.

5. Check the transaction complexity when cryptocurrency deposits are slow

3 confirmations are required to deposit with coin check.

Depending on network congestion , deposit may be slower than usual.

In such a case, check the coin status with the transaction ID assigned to the blockchain.

Specifically, you can check from the details of “Coin Remittance History” at the bottom of “Wallet” under “Coin Remittance”.


Explanation of procedures and fees for depositing with Coincheck .

Coin checks are supported from bank transfer to convenience store transfer, and quick deposits that do not bother you in case of sudden deposits are also available.

The operation method is very easy to understand, so it is a popular cryptocurrency exchange for beginners.

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