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Bitcoin Exchange eToro expands offer by 5 Stablecoins


eToro inserts some new stablecoins on its trading platform Crypto-Summer “ The Bitcoin Exchange eToro has added a number of stablecoins to its platform today. These include coins tied to the Turkish Lira (TRYX), the Polish Zloty (PLNX), the South ...

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Bitcoin Exchanges Binance and Huobi exchange a huge amount of Bitcoin among themselves


Between the two stock exchanges there was a considerable stream of Bitcoin rivers (***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) A visual representation of bitcoin flows between the crypto exchanges has revealed a strong link between Binance and Huobi. A visual representation of the BTC flows ...

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Bitcoin exchange Binance.US now supports IOTA


Good news for IOTA: Binance USA just opened the store (*********************************************************) The Binance.us support for IOTA and the Stablecoin BUSD went online yesterday. Stablecoins have gained momentum lately Binance.us is the Bitcoin Exchange recently launched in the US by Binance. ...

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Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex wants to sue $ 850 million


Once again the Bitcoin Stock Exchange Bitfinex is in the headlines The Crypto Exchange hopes that this measure will help uncover frozen funds. Overall, it's about the astronomical sum of over 850 millions of dollars. The Bitcoin stock exchange passed ...

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