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ToroX succeeds in test issue of tokenize door set on Libra

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I have studied a wide range of technologies and applications of distributed ledger technology.

EToroX to provide a social trading platform of encryption assets, it has revealed that it has successfully tested the issuance of talk Nuys door set on the block chain of Face book “Libra”.

In this experiment, three members of the eToroX blockchain science team applied the eToroX tokenize doorset related technology on Libra using the early version of Libra’s smart contract language ‘ Move IR ‘.

A tokenized door set is a blockchain that represents the ownership of various assets such as stocks, bonds (security) such as stocks and bonds, commodities, art and collectables.

eToroX concluded that Move is an excellent platform to issue tokenized door sets because it is structured to prevent duplication and loss of digital assets .

In addition, Move was also characterized as having an environment that gives users the right to manage their own data, because others can not substitute data for recording in the blockchain.

Article Source: eToroX, eToroX Github

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