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Trading of Celer Network / $ CELR starts at Binance (Binance), about 3.7 times from ICO pric

Binance(バイナンス)でCeler Network / $CELRの取引が開始、ICOの価格から約3.7倍に



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The third stage project “Celer Network” of Binance Launchpad, IEO provided by Binance was newly listed on Binance on March 25, 2019 Japan time at 13:00 Japan time.

CELR chart after Binance listing

The price of the Celer Network at Binance Launchpad is 1 CELR = 0.000434 BNB = 0.0067 USD, and it is currently at 0.001568 BN (0.0263 USD), which is about 3.7 times at IEO .

Celer (CELR) trading has started on Binance.
ICO price: $ 0.0067 USD
Current price: $ 0.0254 USD
Current ROI USD: 3.7x pic.twitter.com/0xEpUWm6HS

— ICO Analytics (@ICO_Analytics) March 25, 2019

The reason for the drop in the CELR listing price compared to the 1st Bittorrent and the 2nd Fetch AI is that the tokens purchased at the private sale, which were implemented last year, will be 2/3, together with the timing of the listing. Unlocking is considered to be one of the factors.

With the Binance Launchpad, the ROI is not 100% broken until the third installment of 2019, and further demand is expected to continue to grow . However, attention will also be drawn to what kind of influence the lottery system Binance Launchpad announced the other day brings to the next and subsequent Launchpads.

In addition, the UEO conducted by Huobi has been decided to be implemented on March 26 and the market can keep an eye on future trends.

-Huobi Global (Fobi Global) announces new platform Huobi Prime, the first public listing is TOP Network / $ TOP-CRYPTO TIMES
-Binance Launchpad announces a policy to randomly select a token buyer for the next project-CRYPTO TIMES

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