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Tron Announces “Partnership” with Internet Giant Baidu: More Hype than Substance?

Tron Announces "Partnership" with Internet Giant Baidu: More Hype than Substance?

The Tron Foundation is also happy to announce on Twitter. In a new tweet, Tron now announced that it has partnered with Chinese Internet giant Baidu. So you want to use cloud solutions to make the Blockchain technology more accessible. The tweet is of course not a real press release, but confirmed a teaser of the company. A few days ago, the Tron CEO announced on Twitter a partnership with an “industry giants” that was “worth billions of dollars.”

Tron has designed his tweet to provide a perfect balance between hype and information. So it says there:

“Tron joins forces with Internet service giant Baidu. We will continue to work with major cloud service providers to provide blockchain solutions and make the technology more accessible to users and small businesses. Final destination: bulk acceptance of the blockchain. “

At first glance, it looks like the message of a business partnership. The tweet seems to announce that both companies formally cooperate to achieve a common goal in mutual interest.

The tweeting image shows a Chinese text. This is designed as a picture and can therefore – a rogue, the evil thinks – not simply copied and translated by Google. That makes the review for the non-Chinese audience, of course, more difficult. Upon request, one of the Tron team members translated the text. The result reported was in excerpts:

“Baidu Cloud Services partners with Tron's Wave Field technology on a simple cloud service business. Therefore, Tron Wave Field will build on the Baidu Cloud. The participants did not enter into a business partnership. The current partnership focuses on selling and purchasing simple cloud computing resources. “

The translation may seem unclear in parts, but it clearly reveals the basics. On closer inspection, it is obvious that there is actually no “partnership”, but a simple business relationship. Company A (Tron) uses the services of Company B (Baidu). There can be no talk of a “partnership” in the sense of a partnership for the achievement of a common goal.

Tron's share price rose 2 percent against the US dollar on Twitter. However, the community did not seem to be blinded. She realized that the Tron Foundation had picked something up. So wrote “CryptoSwitzer” on Twitter:

“Well, when I fill gas in my car's tank, I'm a shell partner, and when I buy something on Amazon, I'm a partner of Amazon …”

User “Mike H” picked up the joke and replied:

“I partner with Starbucks every morning at 7:30 am”

Tron Announces "Partnership" with Internet Giant Baidu: More Hype than Substance?

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