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Two years and six months in prison guilty to former President of Mount Goxs, imprisonment is not guilty


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Nikkei said Tokyo District Court sentenced Tokyo District Court to guilty in court in former case of former President of Mount Gox, Mark Kalpress, who has been accused of scorning about 340 million yen in a massive disappearance of virtual coin Bitcoin The newspaper reported.

Carpress said that Mount Gox’s bankruptcy was caused by the loss of bitcoins due to hacking, and that remittances were not guilty as being part of operations unrelated to bankruptcy.

The prosecutor had been sentenced to 10 years in prison, but he was not guilty of misdemeanor charges in business, violation of company law, etc., and two years and six months in prison for prosecution due to the creation of personal electromagnetic records fraud and serving crimes. Convicted of the year .

According to Nikkei Shimbun, Tokyo District Court Judge Nakayama said that the money transferred by the customer to Mt. Gox to the company belongs to the company, and since Calpress is able to borrow from the company to a considerable extent, the possibility of repayment is realistic. It is said that it has been recognized that there is also a misdemeanor charge on business.

Regarding personal electromagnetic records fraudulent creation and in-service crimes, it has been criticized that falsification of the system’s data has obviously padded up the account balances, and it has seriously criticized users’ trust.

Article Source: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

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