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UNICEF Children's Fund (UNICEF), investing $ 100,000 in six block chain companies

UNICEF Children's Fund (UNICEF), investing $ 100,000 in six block chain companies  - unicef logo 696x522

The UN Children’s Fund announced that it invested $ 100,000 in emerging-market block chain development companies through the UNICEF Innovation Fund.

There were more than 100 entries from 50 countries, and the following six companies were selected. These companies are subject to investment in releasing an open source block chain application within a year.

  • Atix Labs (Argentina)
  • Onesmart (Mexico)
  • Prescrypto (Mexico)
  • Statwig (India)
  • Utopixar (Tunisia)
  • W3 Engineers (Bangladesh)

The investment in this block chain company is to investigate the possibility of deepening the knowledge and understanding of the block chain technology by the United Nations and UNICEF, such as utilization of smart contracts for organizational efficiency and distributed consensus building process is.

Chris Fabian, Chief Advisor of the UNICEF Innovation Foundation, says:

Block chain technology is still in the early stages, there are many things to learn where and how to use this technology to create experiments and a better world.

When focusing on people who are susceptible to economic support, technical assistance, and those who are susceptible to that technology, when it is judged that they can be supported, it is time for the UNICEF Innovation Fund to make an investment.

UNICEF has found possibilities for block chain technology and is proactively taking initiatives such as hosting application development Hackasson and accepting donations by cryptocurrency.

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Article Source: UNICEF’s Innovation Fund announces first cohort of blockchain investments in emerging markets

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