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University of Tokyo, opening a block chain innovation donation cours

Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo announced that it will open a block chain innovation donation course with contributions from FinTech related companies .

In opening this lecture course, the University of Tokyo said that it collected about 90 million yen donation from several famous companies .

For the students aiming for entrepreneurship, this course is scheduled to be offered at the Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo for three years from November 1 this year.

Through the block chain related resources of participating companies , we will focus on the three pillars of human resources discovery and development, technology development and social implementation, and ultimately aim to develop a public chain highly compatible with business .

Human resources discovery and development
We aim to develop general-purpose public chains with affinity for business through research and development of the underlying block chain technology, providing students aiming for entrepreneurs to learn various resources including block chain technology of participating companies It seems.

Technology development
In order to deepen understanding of not only the application layer but also the protocol layer, it is necessary to research and develop various application examples and to explore how block society realizes social change is one of the research subjects of the course It seems.

Social implementation
Research will be conducted to clarify the problems of the block chain technology itself that is a constraint when concretely implementing social implementation of business using block chain technology and solve the problem.

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