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US Members say that the construction cost of “border barrier” of cards policy can be covered by donation by cryptocurrency

It turned out that there was a plan to use the cryptocurrency regarding the construction cost of the ‘border barrier’ between America and Mexico, one of the policies President Cardinal Prime Prime Minister President said.

In an interview conducted by the US Public Radio Authority (NPR) Ohio representative Warren Davidson parliamentarians proposed an idea to make a donation to the border wall construction costs using the cryptocurrency.

In an interview, he says as follows.

But you could raise the money. And frankly, if we get it right at the Treasury, you could even accept Mexican pesos.

“You can make a donation using the kind of cloud funding site, or you can just donate using block chains and receive” wall coins “(frankly) If we can obtain permission from the Treasury Department, we will be able to accept donations at Mexican pesos. “

In the talks held the other day, President Trumppe said “We will close the government institution proudly with the aim of keeping the border safe”, and the Republican party submitted $ 5 billion (about 570 billion yen) It is close to the Congress to pass the expenditure bill including the bill.

Warren Davidson, a lawmaker who proposed a plan to use the cryptocurrency this time, in September of this year, in order to discuss the “light touch regulation” of ICO, 32 companies including virtual currencies such as Ripple and Kraken, I am sending an invitation letter.

U.S. Congressman Eyeing “Light Touch”

– Crypto Coin News (@ Today Crypto) August 18, 2018

Article Source: CCN, Sankei Shimbun, NPR, CryptoCoin.News

The expenditure bill of 5 billion dollars will be covered by the taxation of the American citizen lol. There will be many people who oppose it

Mr. Davidson said, “If you do not go through this expenditure bill, you can collect the funds in other ways and create walls” I wanted to tell you the feeling that I put out a word like cryptocurrency as an example

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