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Use cryptocurrency in bank! Intec and Toyama Daiichi Bank commenced demonstration experiment using block chains

Announced that TIS INTEC Group Inc. INTEC Co. , Ltd. and Toyama Daiichi Bank Ltd. began demonstration experiments of cryptocurrency in banks using block chain technology .

The coin which is planned to be newly issued in this demonstration experiment is called the First Bank Coin (FBC) , which is a stable coin pegged with Japanese yen. By opening an account exclusively for FBC in the line of Toyama Daiichi Bank and issuing a cryptocurrency equivalent to the Japanese yen to which the employee has transferred, it will become possible to purchase goods at in- line kiosks and remit between individuals among the members is.

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On the block chain infrastructure, the block chain collaboration platform developed by the National Bankers Association for the demonstration experiment of the banking industry seems to be used.

POINT The National Bankers Association is an organization that most of Japanese banks are members of, and it operates the “Banking System” of interbank networks. “Block Chain Cooperation Platform” is a project aimed at building interbank networks utilizing distributed ledger technology.

In addition, for settlement and remittance, by using the smartphone application (First-B Pay) developed by INTEC and Toichi Daiichi Bank, a mechanism is implemented in which settlement is completed by simply reading the QR code with a smartphone.

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