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Van Eck CEO “Investors are moving from Bitcoin to money”

Jan Van Eck, Van Eck ‘s CEO who develops the fund management business, told CNBC’ s interview that he said that Bitcoin investors left the Bitcoin and are moving to gold .

“I believe that Bitcoins lowered demand slightly for gold in 2017. Interestingly, when we asked 4,000 Bitcoin investors we investigated the top investment destination in 2019, the answer It was money, that is, gold was defeated by a Bitcoin, but now the opposite flow can be said to happen. “

Tim Seymour, founder of Seymour Asset Management, said during the interview that Bitcoin is hard to recall investors from the gold market.

“In addition to losing the liquidity of the underlying commodities, it is very difficult to discuss the value of the store (Store of Value) outside the discussion on existing block chains, while gold is a conservation of value There is no room for discussion there. “

On the other hand, the Wall Street Journal reports that there is a strong correlation between money and cryptocurrency, so it seems that we can not conclude that if the number of investors decreases, the other will increase.

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Article Source: CNBC


Certainly liquidity and volatility are falling considerably, so the benefits of investing in cryptocurrency may be diminishing

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