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Venezuela's cryptocurrency Petro will be used internationally since October 1

President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro announced that it will be used internationally as the cryptocurrency “Petro” of its own country backed with value to crude oil will be used internationally from the 1st of the next month in a state-run television program .

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He did not reveal specific information about the area where Petro is used. Also, none of the countries that accepted this currency as a means of settlement was mentioned at all.

“On October 1, Petro will spread all over the world, it will be a currency that can be converted as well as exchange and purchase products.”

Maduro seems to be emphasizing the spread of the currency by supporting Petro in the construction of homeless houses and by designating Petro for receiving salaries.

Also, in trade with foreign countries, we are also working on strategies such as discounting about 30% of crude oil price only for Petro payments.

India refuses to trade in Venezuela’s Petro
The Venezuelan government supports the construction of housing for homeless in cryptocurrency Petro

Maduro insists that Petro will save Venezuela from hyperinflation, but it is said that it has not shown outstanding results so far.

It is likely to draw attention to how Petro will influence international markets in the future.

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It actually precedes in the field of the cryptocurrency issued by the country, but the sense of felt is amazing

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