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ViaBTC of major mining pool announces ICO of new token “ViaBTC Token / VIAT”

ViaBTC of major mining pool announces ICO of new token "ViaBTC Token / VIAT"  - via btc 696x392

ViaBTC of a major mining pool issued a Wormhole protocol compliant token called “ViaBTC Token / VIAT” and found that ICO is done through Coinex.

The total number of cards issued is 2 billion, and the number of cards to be sold seems to be 1 billion.

The total issue volume of 2 billion VIAT is distributed gradually as mining fee of 50.0% (1 billion VIAT), 37.5% (750 million VIAT) for the community, 12.5% ​​(2.5 billion VIAT) for the partner .

ViaBTC Token / VIAT seems to be available for purchase at Coinex Token / CET and WormholeCash / WHC, which seems to be allocated to 725 million VIAT for CET payment and 175 million VIAT for WHC payment.

YANG Haipo, CEO of ViaBTC as the core team, OUYANG Huimin of the company COO etc seems to be.

Also, the advisor will be joined by Wit Jihan, CEO of Bitmain, and Roger Ver, CEO of bitcoin.com.

【About ViaBTC (VIAT)】
The token which becomes the second bullet of COINEX’s accelerator.
Usage Mining related
Format Wormhole protocol
Total issue number 2 billion sheets

What is Accelerator is ICO that you can buy at COINEX exchanges.
VIP and locked users have priority purchase right and right to add purchase number. pic.twitter.com/fjBOWrfL 9 I

– Dr. K (@ Drdebuneko) October 1, 2018

A coin issued by a mining pool, what on earth is it? WP I’d like to read it.

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