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cryptocurrency ATM is increasing worldwide at three speeds per day

Coin ATM Radar, which provides statistical data on cryptocurrency ATM data, as of 12th of this month, the increase rate of cryptocurrency ATM in the world is 3.4 units per day (as of the time of writing), and 4171 units at the present time It was clear that it was installed.

Web service “Coin ATM Radar” that can search the location of Bitcoin ATM – CRYPTO TIMES

As breakdown of the cryptocurrency ATM installed worldwide, 71.8% in North America, 23% in Europe, 2.6% in Asia, 1.3% in Oceania, 1.1% in South America and 0.2% in Africa . By the way, breakdown in North America is 56% in the USA and 15% in Canada, which shows that they are overwhelmingly concentrated in the USA.

The number of installed cryptocurrency ATMs has sharply increased in the US, and it has increased to nearly twice in the past year. In Europe, the number of units installed in Austria and the UK is particularly prominent.

In Asia, Hong Kong has the largest number installed and it is 32 units. Japan has only 10 cars in the world.

The currencies that can be purchased by ATM are different, and Bitcoins (BTC) can be purchased at almost all ATMs, but ATMs that can buy light coins (LTC) are 59.5%, Ethernet (ETH) 49.3%, Bitcoin cash (BCH) is 33.9%.

Also, although it is limited to 3% or less, some ATMs that can purchase Moneros (XMR), Dodge Coin (DOGE), Z Cache (ZEC), etc. are also present. 60.5% support only the purchase as a whole and statistics of 39.5% are also published that support both purchase and sale.

Article Source: Coin ATM Radar


It seems that California state has the largest installed number in the United States, but I have never seen it yet …

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