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[cryptocurrency] BitZeny / $ ZNY features and future commentary! Exchange · chart summary

BitZeny, which became famous as being capable of mining on the CPU in 2017, there are many people who have heard of it.

In this article I summarize the features and future prospects of such BitZeny .

If you think “just grass coins?”, Let’s know about BitZeny in detail at this opportunity.

BitZeny (Bit Zeny / ZNY) overview and market capitalization

Overview of BitZeny

Let’s check the four characteristics of BitZeny (Bit Zeny / ZNY)

Here are four features of BitZeny.

Can mining with CPU

The biggest feature of BitZeny is that it allows CPU mining .

Currencies such as BTC (Bitcoin) require dedicated mining equipment such as graphic board (GPU) and ASIC, but since BitZeny employs the authentication algorithm Yescrypt, it is installed in an ordinary personal computer You can mining with CPU.

Yescrypt is an improved version of GlobalBoost – Y of the anti – ASIC algorithm, which does not mean that mining with GPU or ASIC can not be done at all, but it is made unsuitable.

In addition, although mining of BitZeny can be done by an individual, because profitability is not so good, it is generally done in a mining pool.

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It is a domestic cryptocurrency

BitZeny is also one of the major features that it is a domestic cryptocurrency .

Monacoin is famous as the first domestically produced cryptocurrency, and then this popular domestic cryptocurrency is this BitZeny.

I can cancel

As a characteristic of BitZeny, you can also say that you can make a bargain .

A twitter account called Rin Rina is made and you can use it to do BitZeny’s bargain.

Beautiful princess’ s younger sister (informal) and BitZeny transaction bot
Please as a backup of Princess Princess (?)

Source (I’m happy when you put in it) https://t.co/aYtqjzKgL8

– Rin Hime @ BitZeny Takeover bot (@ zenytips) December 16, 2017

Once a character called Princess Princess had been used as a bargain, but as the service ended, Princess Princess sister, Rin Princess was born.

___ ___ ___ 0

– Princess Princess @ BitZeny Transfer Bot (@ zenyhime) February 7, 2018

Illustrations are depicted and managed by volunteers of BitZeny’s community, and it is one of the reasons for BitZeny fans to increase.

Community is active

BitZeny is also characterized by the community being very active.

There are bulletin boards where BitZeny forums users can exchange ideas, active communication is taking place.

In February 2018, BitZeny’s logo, BGM, and video contests were held.

In the logo contest, nearly 400 works were posted, until the second vote.

BitZeny, which was once the logo on the left, the one that became the best work in the logo contest is now the logo.

From the number of entries submitted, you can also see the community’s activeness.

What is the price for the future? The future of BitZeny (Bit Zeny / ZNY)

BitZeny, which is often compared with Mona coin, which is the same domestic cryptocurrency, neither has charm that is not in other currencies such as community, character nature Bitcoins.

For three years from 2014, it was supported by volunteers who were unable to contact developers, but in December 2017 the developer again appeared and official development resumed.

It is probably a developer of BitZeny. I think that I want to resume activities little by little. I thank the community people who have supported BitZeny so far. Block chain is truly amazing as it has been left unattended for 3 years!

– bitzeny (@ bitzeny) December 20, 2017

Regarding the progress of development, you can check with the BitZeny forum introduced earlier, encryption currency BitZeny summary wiki, official Twitter and so on.

It is likely that the future development will be how development will proceed.

BitZeny (Bit Zeny / ZNY) Chart · Price Trends

This is a Zen Yen chart.

Although it rose to nearly 50 yen in December 2017, it is currently under 1 yen.

Since BitZeny does not currently support TradingView, let’s check real-time charts at exchanges.

BitZeny (Bit Zeny / ZNY) handling exchanges · Purchase method

A list of exchanges in BitZeny

BitZeny It is a summary of exchanges that can be traded.

More than half of people are trading on CryptoBridge , and BitZeny is trading a lot in Cryptopia and Trade satoshi .

Once traded at exchanges such as C – CEX and Novaexchange famous for grass coin trading, it is no longer possible due to delisting or closing.

Despite being a Japanese currency, it is a little disappointing that I can not trade at Japanese exchanges.

BitZeny (Bit Zenith / ZNY) wallet

BitZeny’s wallet has the following two.

Official Wallet

Official Wallet can be downloaded on BitZeny official website.

Since Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. are prepared, it is possible to choose according to the OS.

Because the official wallet makes security the most reliable , but it’s a pity that the convenience is a little worse due to the desktop wallet .

BitZeny Wallet

BitZeny Wallet has become a web wallet , you can use it by setting user name, password, mail address here.

Usability is good for web wallet, but suspicion remains in terms of security over official wallet.

Although it can be stored on exchanges, there is a danger of GOX due to hacking etc. Be sure to transfer the cryptocurrency to Wallet, not just BitZeny.


This time I summarized the features, prospects and exchange information of BitZeny (Bit Zeny / ZNY) .

BitZeny can only sell and buy at overseas exchanges, there is not much traffic volume, etc. There are many disappointing points compared with Mona coin which is the same domestic cryptocurrency.

However, if further development is going on and the community becomes active, it will be noted again and the price may increase greatly.

Why do not you try mining and collecting BitZeny, by all means.

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