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cryptocurrency exchange Gate.io raised about USD 64 million with its own token “Gatechain Token”

仮想通貨取引所Gate.ioが独自トークンである『Gatechain Token』で約6400万USDを調達

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It has been revealed that China’s cryptocurrency exchange Gate.io has raised approximately USD 64 million to fund Gatechain Token (GT), a unique token scheduled to be launched in 2019Q4.

Financing is through the sale of Gate Point for payment of fees at Gate.io, and is said to have ended in just seven days.

Not only can Gate Point be used as a means of payment for fees, but it can also be exchanged with its own token, GT, at a ratio of 1: 2.5.

Gate.io has recently announced details about Gatechain, a unique ecosystem concept, and GT will be released as its native token.

Gate.io also plans to launch six months later, and Gate.io has announced the concept, and more attention will be drawn to future announcements.

China’s cryptocurrency exchange Gate.io announces release of public chain ‘Gatechain’-CRYPTO TIMES

Article Source: Gate.io Raises $ 64 Million to Fund Its Own Cryptocurrency

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