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cryptocurrency Mainframe / MFT features and future commentary! Exchange · chart summary

Virtual currency Mainframe / MFT features and future commentary! Exchange · chart summary

Mainframe is a distributed network that builds private applications that are not censored by third parties.

We are on the Ethereum related conference devcon3 and have already released the message application Onyx as a product.

In this article, we will explain the features and mechanism of Mainframe.

Let’s briefly outline the mainframe (MFT)

Overview of Mainframe

Detailed description of Mainframe (MFT) features

Virtual currency Mainframe / MFT features and future commentary! Exchange · chart summary

What we believe

(1) You should have access and control over your data online.

(1) The tool you use should bring authority to choose your own choice of what you share.

Mainframe creates an economic zone by having the node completely control its own communication and playing a role on the network.

In order to create this economic zone, Mainframe is designed based on five principles of encryption, dark routing, incentive (motivation), P2P, interoperability .

I will introduce about these features.

Packet encryption and multicast

A shared key encryption method or a public key encryption method is used for packet encryption.

Shared key cryptography method … Use the key shared in advance for encryption / decryption
Public key cryptography method … Encrypt with recipient’s public key and decrypt with recipient’s secret key

When you want to send a packet to multiple nodes, it is sent by multicast .

What is multicast is to group multiple nodes together and send packets to that group address so that there is no need to duplicate packets.

In addition, multicast can be used in combination with dark routing to be described later.

Difficult to identify the destination of packets with dark routing

Virtual currency Mainframe / MFT features and future commentary! Exchange · chart summary

Dark routing is a mechanism that makes it difficult to identify the true destination of a packet from the outside, and in combination with encryption can “raise security to an unprecedented level” .

In the dark routing mode, we first distribute an ID called topic ID to each user at the start of a new session.

Next, we send a packet to all nodes that have addresses that partially match the destination address of the node we want to send packets.

If the topic ID given to the received packet matches and is encrypted with your private key (apart from the topic ID), you can decrypt it.

Building an economic sphere by incentive (motivation)

The way Mainframe nodes get rewards is to provide functionality to maintain the network.

The nodes make contracts for service provision with each other, and the tokens are traded according to how much data they sent and received.

To give an example,

  • It becomes a transit node between the nodes that provide the service
  • When a node is offline, it becomes a proxy node and holds the packet
  • Hold files as file storage on the network

By taking the above functions, tokens are traded based on the service fee.

There is a credit score as the evaluation index of the node, rise if the payment is completion of the transaction within the time limit, it has become a mechanism only to fall when it comes to debt default in reverse. Service fee is also set by this credit score.

If the credit score score is too low, the node may be excluded from the network.

By giving such incentives to the nodes, it is possible to build active networks and economic zones .

P2P technology supporting distributed networks

Virtual currency Mainframe / MFT features and future commentary! Exchange · chart summary

P2P is the basic technology of the block chain.

Without the operation of providing and managing data, networks are formed by communication between nodes.

Even if a node goes offline, you can maintain the network by other nodes.

Interoperability across platform boundaries

For various platforms, tools for developers are provided so that Mainframe can be used in programming languages.

In addition, you can also pay and receive rewards for incentives with multiple tokens (Ethereum, NEO, Tezos, etc.).

Summary so far!

  • Efficient transmission of encrypted data by multicast
  • Hiding confidentiality and censorship of relationships between nodes by dark routing
  • Creation of an economic zone by incentives

【Future prospect of Mainframe (MFT)】 Explain how to use · use case

Message application Onyx has been released

Virtual currency Mainframe / MFT features and future commentary! Exchange · chart summary

We already announced and released the message application Onyx built on Mainframe.

Because it is resistant to censorship, surveillance and system downs from outsiders, tools for exchanging confidential information are considered as use cases.

Because the design is like Slack, is not it easy to use?

Currently Windows, macOS, Linux version is released on GitHub, and it seems that we will release it for mobile in the future.

Use case in IoT field

As a use case that takes advantage of the mechanism by which nodes are evaluated, the IoT field can be considered.

The IoT field tends to be a target of hacking, malware for IoT called The Mirai Botnet in October 2016, in the United States caused serious damage to network access interruption.

If Mainframe is used by IoT equipment, even if the node is attacked, it is said that it can be disconnected from the network by evaluation of the credit score, and the damage can be suppressed .

Mainframe pre-installed IoT equipment, maybe someday it will be released.

Let’s check the Mainframe (MFT) roadmap

MFT roadmap

Milestone 1: “Apollo” Building each layer of nodes
Beta release of Onyx
Milestone 2: “Hawthorn” Addition of incentive function
Addition of Onyx function
Milestone 3: “Gettysburg” Completion of Mainframe
Release of Developer SDK
Marketplace release

Mainframe has three Milestones as a roadmap.

Mainframe and Onyx ‘s alpha version was released at the end of last year (Blog), and it seems that development is currently progressing towards Milestone 1.

Milestone 1: “Apollo”

Milestone 1: Apollo Building each layer of nodes
Beta release of Onyx

The mainframe node consists of the directory service layer, the messaging layer, and the block chain node layer, and completes these infrastructures.

On beta version of Onyx, you can use message function, file attachment, text search.

Milestone 2: “Hawthorn”

Milestone 2: Hawthorne Addition of incentive function
Addition of Onyx function

An incentive function for building an economic zone will be added.

For Onyx, pictograms, reminders, task sharing functions are added.

Milestone 3: “Gettysburg”

Milestone 3: Gettysburg Completion of Mainframe
Release of Developer SDK
Marketplace release

Mainframe is released as a product.

At the same time, the SDK, which supports application development on various platforms, and the marketplace release that allows products to be traded on Mainframe will be released.

What is the advantage of Mainframe (MFT)? Compared with similar projects

Virtual currency Mainframe / MFT features and future commentary! Exchange · chart summary

Ethereum is a typical competitive and similar project that provides a distributed application (Dapps) platform like Mainframe.

In addition, Status can be mentioned as a message application operating on Ethereum.

Status is a Web 3.0 browser application accessing Ethereum’s ecosystem, and it is possible to use various Dapps as well as chat and wallet functions.

It is also pre-installed on the world’s first block chain smartphone “Sirin Labs Finney”. (Blog)

Sirin Labs Finney Sirin Labs develops a block chain specialized smartphone
Equipped with Android-based Sirin OS, cold wallet, token exchange, Dapps store available

Meanwhile, Mainframe places great emphasis on providing packet routing with high security, and uses its characteristics for the message application Onyx.

And by cooperation among the nodes by “ principle ” incentive “, service quality can be maintained .

It seems that such a point is differentiated from other projects.

Experts in communication tools are investors

Virtual currency Mainframe / MFT features and future commentary! Exchange · chart summary

People who are familiar with communication tools such as Google Wave, Sparrow’s founder, Yammer’s GM acquired by Microsoft, etc. are named investors.

Because they are expected from specialists, growth may be expected in the field of message applications.

Mainframe (MFT) ICO · Air Drop

Mainframe implemented ICO at private sale.

In addition, we held an event called air drop tour at 25 locations around the world, distributing MFT locally, and it was held in Tokyo as well.

There is a code for distribution inside the balloon, it seems to be a mechanism that can receive on a dedicated page.

It is exactly an air drop .

Mainframe (MFT) related tweet summary

It seems that receipt of $ MFT air drop has begun.

Do not forget who participated! @ Mainframe_HQ https://t.co/my6PZwWk7R

– KOO (@ KTR 203) July 11, 2018

$ MFT # Mainframe
E, Angel Investor Keisuke Honda? What? We are Keisuke Honda of Japan national football team. Did you invest in MFT? $ BTC # cryptocurrency # Bitcoin pic.twitter.com/D8D3WaSZqw

– Mc Kun @ Blockchain (@ mackun_crypto) July 13, 2018

$ MFT # mainframe

¥ It will be purchasing when you cut 1.5 yen on base. Lol
I have quite a pinch, but for now I am bought ….
The volume of Bittrex is always above the top ADA. It has been drawing attention for a while. #Binance #Bitcoin $ BTC $ ETH $ XRP pic.twitter.com/4zc958a81J

– Mc Kun @ Blockchain (@ mackun_crypto) July 31, 2018

Let’s check the chart of Mainframe (MFT)

Mainframe (MFT) is a BTC-denoted chart .

At the time of article writing (August 8, 2018), the ETH denomination is about four times the ICO price. (From ICODROPS data)

It’s one month since listing, but as the price is falling, please pay attention to the transaction.

Tradingview Chart is useful for Technical Analysis of Mainframe (MFT)!

TradingviewChart is recommended for those who want to frequently check Mainframe charts, or want to do technical analysis.

There are lots of functions that make it easy to check charts every day, such as richness of indicators, easy to see, favorite currency registration function.

Since it can be used for free, it is recommended that you just register.

List of exchanges that Mainframe (MFT) can purchase

MFT’s list of exchanges

There are about 30% BTC transactions in Binance, Bittrex, Upbit.

Binance ‘s BTC-denominated transaction volume is the highest, and ETH · BNB construction can also be traded.

Therefore, we recommend Binance with high transaction volume and popularity.

Mainframe (MFT) project summary

This article introduced Mainframe which forms a distributed network platform.

There are many similar projects, but I think that you can understand the features of Mainframe by showing that the available products are made public and showing the use there.

Also, attention is paid whether Onyx can become a distributed network version Slack.

For those who want to know more about Mainframe please check official website and white papers as well.

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