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cryptocurrency MATRIX / MAN features and future commentary! Exchange · chart summary

MAN 仮想通貨  - man ec

MATRIX AI Network (MAN) is a Smart Contract platform with AI.

It is drawing attention as one of the projects that is most expected among China’s first projects.

On this page, we summarize the superiority compared with competition from the characteristics and outline of such MAN.

If you read this, you can see what kind of project MATRIX is and why the attention is high .

Let’s briefly outline the MATRIX AI Network (MAN)!

Overview of MAN

Detailed description of the features of MATRIX AI Network (MAN)

MAN features  - man6

The MATRIX AI project is a project to make AI · block chain easy to use by anyone by making block chain platform based on AI .

The project is also a partnership with the Chinese government, so the background is also quite powerful.

We aim to realize collaboration between private and public block chains, self-evolution function, scalability that can handle huge TPS, etc. The level we are aiming for as a platform system is quite high.

People who feel that it is a bit difficult to understand how well MATRIX will affect society even if you skip to the “future of MAN · use case”.

AI × Block chain platform

MATRIX is a block chain platform based on AI.

By combining block chains with state-of-the-art AI technology, you can create a high-TPS (scalable), high security, easy to operate for developers, easy-to-use platform for general users.

We can connect private chain and public chain

Maxtix AI has a function to link private chains and public chains . The main differences are as shown in the table.

It is not that “which is superior”, but its use is different.

Use of two types of chain
  • Private … Construction of company database etc.
  • Public … Construction of open network etc.

We use private chains for what we want to close, and public chains for what we want to open.

MAN is thinking that MAN can revolutionize the cryptocurrency / block chain by broadening the range of use by combining two types of block chains with different uses in this way.

The merits of this function are summarized in “Matrix’s future potential · use case”.

Realize 1,000,000 TPS (high scalability)

MAN Scalable  - man4

MATRIX AI achieves high scalability while maintaining safety and impartiality with random clustering technology.

A simple explanation of random clustering is that clusters (collections of PoS nodes) are randomly formed and representatives of the cluster can perform approval work with PoW.

With a limited number of delegates, representatives can enforce high TPS with two points, that work can be pretended to nodes in the cluster.

The 1,000,000 TPS that the MAN is aiming is the same as the TPS that QuarkChain is aiming for.

Supplement of TPS
It is the first letter of Transaction Per Second. It shows the number of transactions that can be processed per second. Since VISA which can settle instantly now is set to about 45,000 TPS, you can see how much you are aiming for a higher level.

AI finds and fixes security holes (vulnerabilities) and errors

MAN Smart Contract  - man3

With MATRIX AI, it is possible to automatically detect and correct vulnerabilities and errors of smart contracts and networks .

Also, network vulnerabilities and errors often occur when the network is in motion.

In other words, even if you can detect and correct mistakes in the program (syntax and structure errors), it can happen that “there is vulnerability when you run the program.”

However, MAN can exploit parsing, deep learning, model verification, simulator, etc. to detect vulnerabilities while the program is running.

To self-evolve (optimize) without hard forking

What is a hard fork unnecessary update?
MATRIX’s self evolution with AI does not require a hard fork. For example, HF happened for BCH block size change etc. But in MAN we can evolve without HF.

Technically speaking, by incorporating an optimization engine in the protocol layer, it enables parameter optimization without HF .

This will prevent the MAN’s community from breaking up and allow developers to devote themselves to development without concern for HF.

There is an alliance with the Chinese government One Belt One Road

Around MAN  - man5

We are proud to officially announce that have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the state owned Belt and Road Development Center, to become the only blockchain partner of the center. MATRIX brings good news to the supporters of MATRIX and the Belt and Road initiative;

One Belt One Road Initiative in China is the economic zone of the world that China is trying to build by investing more than 800 trillion yen.

This partnership means practically the alliance with the Chinese government .

If there is a partnership with the government, there is no doubt that it will work quite advantageous for MAN such as regulation and connection.

The block chain related project in which one zone is partnered at the present moment is only MATRIX AI Network.

【Future prospects and possibilities of MATRIX AI Network (MAN)】 Explanation on how to use · use case

I will explain how MATRIX is actually used with concrete examples.

It is a commentary focusing on what we can do and how to change the world rather than technical matters.

Anyone can use Smart Contract

MAN intelligent contract  - man2

With MATRIX AI, you can use (create) Smart Contract even if you do not know the programming language such as Solidity .

By entering the Smart Contract you want to create in words (English or Japanese), AI automatically creates a Smart Contract.

Examples of use of Smart Contract
  • Product purchase (settlement) ~ Automate dispatch (image of online vending machine)
  • The EXCLUSIVE service is automated (mediator is unnecessary)
  • You can create an automatic currency exchange mechanism like KyberNetwork

With Smart Contract, these series of flows can be automated programmatically.

Even if you do not know the computer language, you can easily create a mechanism as introduced in the case.

This automatic generation function of smart contract is called intelligent contract in MATRIX (MAN).

Of the 7 billion people who can read and write, only 20 million people can program. With intelligent contracts, there is no doubt that smart contracts will be more familiar.

You can build an in-house system etc. that can exchange information with the outside immediately

Because the company network system is highly confidential, it will be created in a private chain.

In order to enhance confidentiality, we normally shut off the connection with the outside, so we can not acquire external real-time information.

However, by using MATRIX AI, private chain and public chain can be linked , so that it is possible to incorporate external real-time information while preserving confidentiality.

On the contrary, it can also be sent to private → public, and it can easily be realized like “I want to open only partial information from within confidential system”.

Create applications with AI · Easy to use AI

Because Maxtrix is ​​a block chain with AI, you can easily create an open source application with AI.

The first system on the MAN
In collaboration with 302 hospitals including Beijing Cancer Hospital (Beijing Cancer Hospital), we are working on developing a system to diagnose thyroid cancer and liver cancer by AI.

Originally, if you try to create an application with AI, AI needs to be developed separately from the application.

However , if you use MAN, you can use AI already created in MAN by paying royalty.

In addition to creating AI-equipped applications, you can also use AI’s computing power and services.

AI usage fee will be paid through MAN token.

Let’s check the road map of MATRIX AI Network (MAN)

MAN road map  - man7

Scheduled timing Content to be achieved
Age of Genesis
September 2018
Private · Public chain Tx
Age of Speed
December 2018
· PoS / PoW consensus mechanism for AI
· Self-evolution algorithm based on artificial intelligence
· Random clustering
Age of Civilization
December 2019
· Implementation of self evolution based on AI
· Protection of Smart Contract with AI
· Adjustment of parameters etc. by AI
Age of Wonder
January 2020
· Artificial intelligence chip
· Computing / Mining Equipment
· Applications based on artificial intelligence and big data

【September 2018】 private · public chain transaction

Age of Genesis
September 2018
Private · Public chain Tx

We plan to implement private chain and public chain transaction functions by this time.

It is a feature that becomes a big feature of MAN, so it is paying attention to whether it is properly implemented as planned.

【September 2019】 Increase speed and security by AI

Age of Speed
December 2018
· Form validation
Self-evolution based on artificial intelligence
Random clustering

As the name of “Age of Speed”, we aim to realize efficient transaction using AI.

At the same time, it is a phase in which block chains and AI are fully interlocking, such as a self evolving function for security enhancement.

[December 2019] The functions of AI come to be implemented

Age of Civilization
December 2019
· Implementation of self evolution based on AI
· Protection of Smart Contract with AI
· Adjustment of parameters etc. by AI

Once the algorithm is complete, AI will finally be implemented in the network.

I’d like to check how much attention is high.

【January 2020】 Products related to MAN will be released

Age of Wonder
January 2020
· Artificial intelligence chip
· Computing / Mining Equipment
· Applications based on artificial intelligence and big data

The network will be fully operational and products related to MAN will begin to appear.

Satchan  - prof sachan icon


Personally I think that partnership and others from this point will become more active.

What is the advantage of MATRIX AI Network (MAN)? Compared with similar projects

If you understand MATRIX well, let’s also check about competition.

Since MAN is a long-term perspective project, it is also important to check the trend of competition properly.

Block chain platform such as EOS · NEO · Ethereum

MAN EOS  - man8

MATRIX competes with many other block chain platforms (smart contract platforms).

Especially EOS is pretty conscious as it was also taken up in the MAN official blog (Medium).

As a difference of MATRIX, the part of intelligent contract and speeding up by improving efficiency of self evolution (security enhancement) and transaction processing (mining) by AI is emphasized.

Other block chains × No competition with AI projects

The view that MATRIX does not compete with other AI-related projects has a strong impression.

Basically, if MATRIX is going to do, if you realize it, you can realize “what other projects are going to do” that sell AI ‘s computing power, deal with big data with AI only with MAN It is from.

Of course, that would be a time-consuming project.

Opinion · Tweet summary for MATRIX AI Network (MAN)

About MATRIX AI Network $ MAN … What I learned about now ?
It seems that MATRIX is correct with capital letters instead of Matrix! !
MATRIX AI Network !!
Telegram and Twitter, thank you! ! #matrixainetwork pic.twitter.com/X2psq1ypLD

– Hooieman (@ huni_crypto) May 31, 2018

It became an official community manager of $ MAN.
It is the currency for the purpose of creating a non-exercise exchange using AI.
We have already listed on several exchanges and are planning to list Japanese exchanges and management is struggling! ️ Currently 1 MAN = about 122 yen https://t.co/6EdXg7eLaG
Japan Official Telegram ☝️ # MatrixAINetwork # hadax # gate # kucoin

– uhouho (@ uhouhodon) May 19, 2018

Two of the official Japanese community operators are positively disclosing Japanese information.

I am promoting a scalable stock called $ MAN ? https://t.co/pOxN 0 POWzN

– Tomato Farm (@ tomatochem) July 3, 2018

I’m reading WP of $ MAN but it is interesting
But I can not completely understand this unless I study from the root of the block chain.

– locust rider @ cryptocurrency (@ inago_de_okuru) June 9, 2018

Did people come and dump them? Certainly MAN’s price operation is amazing (laugh)
It is the best if you go down another step ? pic.twitter.com/bnkBU 0 pQAJ

– ʀʏᴜ [ᴄʀʏᴘᴛᴏ ɪɴᴠᴇsᴛᴏʀ] (@ Ryugunsun) May 19, 2018

The $ MAN listed on Kucoin the other day
It seems like a lantern article, but if it is good to strengthen grip strength
MAN is great, 50 times as much as the end of the year YO !! Feeling like ___ ___ 0 https://t.co/CcFIPQjmtU

– DA (@ dmn_crypt) May 16, 2018

Next generation 3 China brands $ VEN $ NAS $ MAN
Success has been promised as these are promoting projects based on a strong relationship with the Chinese government. $ MAN is now 1.2 $
I can buy it with Etha delta, but I think that it is better to add it in Japan with low awareness in Japan ? https://t.co/Y9Hx8wQdDQ

– Kisuke @ Zozozo (@ kisuke_zozozo) January 28, 2018

Let’s check the chart of MATRIX AI Network (MAN)

MAN chart  - man1

It is a chart of MAN by Coinmarketcap. (Until July 2018)

Real-time charts can be checked with Huobi and others.

MAN is a project that you can expect from a long-term perspective as introduced in the roadmap.

If you want to buy it, let’s buy it as cheaply as possible while referring to the chart.

A list of exchanges that MATRIX AI Network (MAN) can purchase! Recommended by Huobi (HADAX)

A list of exchanges in MAN

It is a list of exchanges where MAN can trade .

According to Coinmarketcap, the largest transaction volume is against BTC in HADAX (Huobi) .

If you purchase and sell on exchanges where transaction volume is as high as possible, there are merits that easy dealings are easy to trade at prices you want to trade.

MATRIX AI Network (MAN) Project Summary

MAN virtual currency  - man logo

I summarized MAXRIX AI Network (MAN) , one of China’s most promising projects.

It will be a long-term perspective project, but there are many points that you can expect from such as partnership with the Chinese government , strong teams , reliable demand .

The future where AI becomes more familiar by MATRIX may not be far.

If you want to know more about MATRIX AI, please read the white paper and check official Twitter etc.

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