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cryptocurrency Nebulas / NAS features and future prospects! Exchange · chart summary

Nebulas NAS 仮想通貨

Nebulas is expected to be a promising project with high attention among many alto coins.

This page summarizes the differences of competing projects from the features and outline of Nebulas .

By reading this we can see what kind of project Nebulas is and how it will be useful to the world.

Let’s briefly outline the cryptocurrency Nebulas (Nebras / NAS)

Nebulas overview

Detailed description of the features of Nebulas (Nebras / NAS)

Nebulas (Nebras / NAS) Features

Simply put, Nebulas is like a search engine like Google on a block chain.

Using Nebulas makes it easy to search DApps and user assets.

Those who feel that it is a little difficult can understand Nebulas’s appeal sufficiently even if you skip to “Nebulas’s future potential / how to use”.

Project providing search engine in block chain

Nebulas specializes in searching information on block chains, and Google can also efficiently find block chain information that was difficult to search.

People who are collecting information on cryptocurrency may have felt it, but finding information on block chains such as DApps and Smart Contract is not easy.

Nebulas’ search results are determined by the index Nebulas Rank .

Rank the search ranking of the application by its own index (Nebulas Rank)

Nebulas rank

Nebulas Rank is a unique ranking index developed by Nebulas.

This algorithm (index) is ranked based on three things: liquidity of transaction on the block chain, awareness to the user, user’s degree of use.

Thanks to this Nebulas Rank, you can efficiently search from a huge amount of information on the block chain.

You can make applications on the Nebulas block chain

Just like creating dApps on an Ethernet, you can also create dApps on the Nebulas block chain.

Actually, it is decided that the application layer called AtlasProtocol will be running on Nabulas.

Learn more here: https://t.co/Cqg5qjyclK Atlas @ atlaspio Protocol, a decentralized digital marketing ecosystem aiming to give full data ownership to internet users, is the first application layer projects incubated by Nebulas Labs and built

– Nebulas.io (@ nebulasio) April 26, 2018

We can also support updating Nebulas (Nebulas Force)

Nebulas Force

Nebulas has a function called Nebulas Force that dApps can automatically handle updates when Nebulas updates.

This allows developers to make changes, introduce new technologies, and fix bugs without hard forking.

  • Normal … Can not respond if the code of the platform (eg ETH) changes
  • Even if Nebulas Force … code on platform (NAS) changes

Compensation is paid to developers on Nabulas (Nebulas Incentive)

Nebulas Incentive

A NAS token is paid to developers who have developed on Nebulas.

This is the function called Nebulas Incentive.

Mechanism of giving remuneration
Evaluation is performed on Nebulas Rank against DApps developed using Nebulas and NAS is granted based on that rank.

Because developers are willing to engage actively to contribute by Nebulas, a virtuous circle is born.

We received 822 decentralized app (DApp) submissions during this period, 231 of which passed review to win NAS rewards.

In total, 290 developers and referrers qualified to win NAS rewards for this week, with the total weekly NAS rewards about 2.2 million RMB. Congratulations!

More than 800 dApps are listed in the competition, of which 290 applications earn rewards at NAS.

The number of dApps on the NAS is more than that on the Etheriam, and as of June 2018, it is about 2,100 or more.

【Nebulas (Nebras / NAS) Future Possibilities / Possibilities】 How to use · Use case explanation

Nebulas (Nebras / NAS) Potential

We will explain how Nebulas will affect the world, with reference to case examples.

Here we will focus on what problems Nebulas will solve rather than technical issues.

Easy search for dApps and Smart Contract

Nebulas has the role of search platform, which can search information on block chains .

With search engines like Google and bing it was difficult to properly rank information on ever-increasing block chains, making it difficult to search for dApps and smart contracts.

However, since Nebulas ranks based on Nenulas Rank, it makes it easy to access necessary data.

Developing applications on Nebulas makes it easier to acquire users

By developing applications on Nebulas, dApps developers can easily acquire users.

This is because exposure opportunities of dApps increase.

In the Nebulas framework, you can increase exposure opportunities not only with search engines, but also with Nebulas’ dApps store and weekly rankings.

Development becomes active by compensation system (Nebulas Incentive)

Nebulas Incentive

If you can develop an excellent product on Nebulas, you can receive NAS token as a reward .

With rewards, developers can also motivate them to make more high-quality apps, which will become more active as they circulate.

The complete compensation plan (DIP) is scheduled to be completed in Q4 of 2018.

Easy access to dApps on NAS from NAS nano (Wallet)

Virtual currency Nebulas / NAS features and future prospects! Exchange · chart summary

NAS nano has payment function and dApps browser function .

You can use dApps on the NAS by using this wallet.

Previous dApps needed to sync wallet and browser. But if you are NAS nano, you can complete it entirely with NAS nano.

Let’s check the road map of Nebulas (Nebras / NAS)

Nebulas road map

Scheduled timing Contents
2018 Q1 Supports Java, TypeScript
Nebulas Nano Launch
Nebulas Block Explorer (search tool) launch
2018 Q4 Operate NebulasRank
DIP: Developer incentive protocol (evaluation system) implementation
2019 Q4 NebulasForce implementation
PoD implementation
Long term goal Scalable
Sub-chain support
Zero knowledge proof (privacy protection) implementation

Let’s check noteworthy events of Nebulas along the road map.

The latest road map can be checked from GitHub.

v.1.0 (2018 Q1)

2018 Q1 Supports Java, TypeScript
Nebulas nano launch
Nebulas Block Explorer (search tool) launch

Nebulas nano (Wallet) has already been launched.

Development progresses smoothly at article creation time (June 2018), so it will be executed without problems.

v.2.0 (Q4 of 2018)

2018 Q4 Operate NebulasRank
DIP: Developer incentive protocol (evaluation system) implementation

In 2018 Q4, NebulasRank and DIP are installed and running.

If it starts up, development in Nebulas should become more active.

v.3.0 (Q4 in 2019)

2019 Q4 NebulasForce implementation
PoD implementation

NabulasForce is one of the core functions of Nebulas.

If this is implemented, developers can more confidently tackle the development of their own dApps.

What is PoD?
It is a consensus algorithm called Prood of Devotion. It is a system in which a lot of rewards are assigned to people who contributed to the NAS network.

What is the advantage of Nebulas (Nebras / NAS)? Compared with similar projects

Let’s check about the difference with “Google” “BitClave” which is often compared as a search engine.

Difference from Google

Nebulas Google

Nebulas Google
Search target Block chain WEB

In the role of search engine, Google and Nebulas are also in common.

However, Nebulas is a search engine for obtaining information on the block chain, whereas Google’s search engine is a search engine on the Web.

Nebulas provides users with appropriate information with a ranking of dApps and smart contracts that were difficult with Google’s search engine.

Attention to Google’s move
There may be something that Google will develop search engines for block chains. Currently it will not be a conflict, but it may be good to pay attention to the trend.

Difference from BitClave

Nebulas BitClave
Search target Block chain WEB

BitClave is also a project to create a distributed search engine.

However, the search target is WEB , and it is a direction to try to compete with Google rather than Nebulas.

BitClave found in 10 seconds
Google has an intermediary “Google” that connects users (us) and companies (search results). BitClave is trying to eliminate “intermediaries” using a distributed mechanism so that users benefit.

Opinion · Tweet summary for Nebulas (Nebras / NAS)

I found the cryptocurrency development strength ranking site. https://t.co/c8FkAy4zGr

The more frequently the program is updated with github (source control tool), the higher the site will be, it will be helpful as an indicator of organizational development capability.

Top 10 best is EOS Lisk TRON Komodo RChain 0x REN Aion Nuls Nebulas pic.twitter.com/KvzSt3aeD1

– Hiroyu @ crypto (@ kondoh 3 stfso 1 m 1) April 8, 2018

Chinese promised cryptocurrency
Project TOP 3

VeChain $ VEN
Matrix $ MTX
Nebulas $ NAS

The latter two are not detailed, but the matrix is ​​a smarter machine learning platform. Nebrus allows search engines like Google like block chain distributed networks. https://t.co/noFdKZNX9T

– RocketCrypto @ Information distribution (@ 269 rocketcrypto) January 21, 2018

I wonder if $ NAS will be sold soon. If I go over 100,000 Satoshi, I feel strong. To get lost.

– kidA (@ gazing 8720) June 1, 2018

Nebulas ($ NAS) is trying to make a Google in the cryptocurrency world, and the development team has a group of developers of Google, Alibaba, Neo. (CEO also concurrently develops Tron $ TRX)

If the dAPP increase, it seems that the search site like the APP store is essential, investing a little, already already rising fairly well.

The loss of XEM can be sufficiently covered.

– _ (- G – `_) ⌒) _ (@ Zz 1661 z Z) January 26, 2018

Nobody talks about nebulas (NAS). I think it is promising in the future.

– sari, Ichigo (@sariMermaid) January 15, 2018

Let’s check the chart of Nebulas (Nebras / NAS)

Nebulas (Nebras / NAS) chart

The Nebulas chart does not correspond to Tradingview Chart, so let’s check the real time chart on the exchange.

As with most alto coins, Nebulas prices are changing according to the movement of the market as a whole.

There are price fluctuations properly when there are Fundas, such as test net and main net , so let’s check around if you aim for short-term trading.

A list of exchanges that Nebulas (Nebras / NAS) can purchase! Recommendation is Huobi!

List of exchanges of NAS

According to Coinmarketcap’s data, most are traded on BCEX (China’s medium-sized exchange), Huobi, OKEx.

Since BCEX may be troublesome to submit a phone number or passport, we recommend that you are familiar with Huobi.

Nebulas (Nebras / NAS) Project Summary

Nebulas NAS

We have summarized the project ” Nebulas (NABRAS / NAS) ” making a search framework of dApps.

There is an AppStore in the iOS application and Google Play in the Android application.

Likewise, dApps will need something like Nabulas.

As dApps increases, demand is expected to increase, so it is one of the projects I want to focus on in the future.

If you want to know more about Nebulas, please read the white paper and check official Twitter etc.

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