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cryptocurrency Wanchain / WAN features and future commentary! Exchange · chart summary

WAN 仮想通貨  - wan ec

Wanchain (WAN) is a project to create a new financial platform based on a block chain.

Speaking of Wanchain, the cross chain image may be strong, but the biggest goal is to build a financial platform (a bank on the block chain).

On this page, we summarize the features and outlines of such WAN and the advantage compared with competition .

If you read this, you can see what project Wanchain is and why it is expected .

Let’s grasp the outline of Wanchain (WAN) easily!

WAN overview

Detailed description of Wanchain (WAN) features

Wanchain is a project to digitize assets and build a new financial infrastructure to manage on the block chain.

In addition, we are using cross chains to make it possible to settle between block chains.

In the future, transactions between different block chains can be done smoothly with a cheap commission.

Those who feel that it is a little difficult can understand how Wanchain will affect society even if it skips to [Wanchain (WAN) prospects / possibilities].

Establishment of financial markets connecting digital assets (to become infrastructure) aim

WAN features  - wan5

Wanchain is developing with the aim of building block chain-based financial infrastructure (digital bank) .

In traditional financial institutions there was a problem of labor, fee, centralized structure in document entry.

However, since Wanchain is building it as a distributed financial infrastructure, it will be possible to construct smooth procedures, cheap commissions and highly transparent infrastructure.

Block chain platform supporting cross chain

WAN Cross Chain  - wan1

Wanchain also functions as a cross-chain platform .

Cross chain technology is essential to smoothly manage assets such as cryptocurrency based on block chains in building a financial infrastructure on a block chain.

Wanchain supports cross-chain technology so that cryptocurrency assets can be easily managed.

What is cross chain?
It is a technology that allows interaction (transaction) with different chains such as Bitcoins and ether symbols.

I have implemented Smart Contract

WAN Smart Contract  - wan2

In traditional systems, you have to take a number of steps to execute a contract.

However, by implementing Smart Contract , the procedure is automated by the program as such.

As a result, smart contracts can be expected to reduce costs .

Also, since the history of the contract is recorded in the block chain, the transparency of the transaction is also very high.

You can protect the privacy of transactions

WAN Privacy  - wan3

Because all information on transactions is recorded in the block chain, there is a risk that others will know the record of the individual.

Therefore, Wanchain uses private send , ring anonymity , one-time address anonymization technology to protect the privacy without completely disclosing the flow of funds.

Smart contracts and dApps on ETH can be easily placed on the WAN

WAN Ethernet  - wan4

Wanchain’s block chains are built to be compatible with Ethernet, so you can easily migrate smart contracts and dApps on the Ethernet.

At this time, there is no need to rewrite the original program that was on the Ethernet .

Since code editing is unnecessary and migration / linkage can be performed, the range of use will be expanded.

【WANCHAIN ​​(WAN) POSSIBILITY · POSSIBILITY】 Explanation of use cases · use cases

WAN future  - wan9

We will explain how Wanchain will influence the world, with reference to case examples.

Here we will focus on what problems Wanchain will solve rather than technical issues.

All digital assets can be managed on Wanchain

Currently digital assets are increasing steadily, but you can not exchange directly into different virtual currencies, you need to mediate exchanges.

By using Wanchain, you can manage and manage digital assets such as cryptocurrency currently stored separately.

You can integrate payment services conveniently

Wanchain is a decentralized platform that can handle multiple currencies that can be used as a group of currencies.

In the future, not only the cryptocurrency but also the statutory currency etc. can be integrated and settlement can be used.

Wanchain will be able to unify statutory currency payment and cryptocurrency payment.

In other words, if both the payor and receiver have Wanchain Wallet , cryptocurrency settlement and statutory currency settlement will be easy as well.

The cryptocurrency payment is unified by Wanchain, but the strengths of cross-chain are living here. The payor can pay in any currency of your choice and the recipient can receive it in your favorite currency.

Provide financial services such as loans and cloud funding (ICO)

Demand for loans by digital assets such as cryptocurrency should surely increase.

The smart contract and cross chain technology simplify locking of collateral assets and calculation of interest , each procedure .

In addition, ICO is one of the new funding methods that emerged due to the spread of virtual currencies and block chains.

And now, there are many cases where ETH is necessary to participate in ICO.

With this function of Wanchain, you can participate in any currency and you will be able to procure fund more easily.

In addition, funds procured by ICO can easily be exchanged for legal currency through Wanchain.

Satchan  - prof sachan icon


ICO participation solutions in various currencies

Kyber Network

But since it is starting to be offered, it may be better to check it together.

Support existing business including ICO x Block chain fusion (WAN Lab)

The WANLab is one of the projects of Wanchain, has been the goal of linking the block chain technology and other existing businesses.

In WANLab, we support companies such as ICO, marketing and team building.

Projects supported by WanLab
As a point where WANLab selects projects, we emphasize “weakness of business (whether it can be solved by block chains)” “team activities” “presence of resources”.

Let’s check the road map of Wanchain (WAN)

WAN Roadmap  - wan6

Scheduled timing Content to be achieved
June 2018 Wanchain 2.0
Integration of Ethernet and multi coin wallet
December 2018 Wanchain 3.0
Integration of Bitcoin and multi coin wallet
December 2019 Wanchain 4.0
Integration of private chain and multi coin wallet

【June 2018】 Integration of Etheramium

June 2018 Wanchain 2.0
Integration of Ethernet and multi coin wallet

Wanchain has already completed integration with Etheriam (cross chain implementation).

Also, as the cross chain function stabilizes, node registration is gradually going to be done.

[December 2018] Integration of Bitcoins

December 2018 Wanchain 3.0
Integration of Bitcoin and multi coin wallet

The block chains of Wanchain and Bitcoin are planned to be integrated within 2018 and development is proceeding.

If Bitcoins are integrated, it will be possible to easily join not only Ethernet but also ICO with Bitcoins.

[December 2019] Integration of private chain

December 2019 Wanchain 4.0
Integration of private chain and multi coin wallet

Ultimately Wanchain aims to enable interaction (cross chain) with almost all block chains.

When you come to this stage, we will recommend to introduce a cross chain using Wanchain’s cross chain mechanism for external projects.

What is the advantage of Wanchain (WAN)? Compared with similar projects

I will look at the differences from ” Ethereum / NEO ” ” Fusion ” ” ICON ” that is often compared with Wanchain.

Difference from Ethereum · NEO

Ethereum and NEO are often compared as a platform that implements Smart Contract .

Both the Ethereum and NEO projects are to develop a platform for creating applications, so the direction of the project is different from Wanchain aiming to build a financial infrastructure .

Along with that, there are also minor differences such as cross-chain and dealing with transactions with high anonymity.

Difference with Fusion

WAN Fusion  - wan7

As Fusion also targets building a financial services platform like Wanchain, it is often cited as Wanchain’s comparison.

Fusion is a project to create a financial ecosystem that can manage all the assets on the Internet, including derivatives and insurance.

WanChain is an image to make a new type of bank , but Fusion is an image that builds a financial ecosystem more widely .

In marketing and community, there are many evaluations that Wanchain, in terms of technology, there is a minute in Fusion.

There are differences in availability of off-chain transactions, concurrency availability etc. in details.

Difference from ICON

WAN ICON  - wan8

ICON is a project to build a distributed network that enables interactions in different block chains.

It is somewhat similar in terms of enhancing interaction in different block chains (realizing a cross chain), but Wanchain aims for financial infrastructure and ICON aims to be a platform in a wider field including government and universities.

In addition, ICON, Wanchain, AION have partnered with partnership to realize cross-chain technology.

Opinion · Tweet summary to Wanchain (WAN)

And the point I personally thought of as a bad fact is the completeness of GItHub. The number of contributors, the number of folks, a beautifully organized repository. I did not even list the stocks this morning, really. I saw this gigantly GitHub after a long time. Link pasting https://t.co/La2Ve2oKYQ

– Furama cryptic currency (@ The _ 9 th _ Floor _) February 15, 2018

· QuarkChain
· Ontology
· Wan Chain
It will be about a year later, I will grow.

– DEG (@ DEG_2020) July 30, 2018

$ wan Looks interesting Ripple is the role of the bridge between banks $ wan seems to connect different block chains?

– Tatsuo Horie (@ Wasabi _ JP) July 26, 2018

If BTC gets cheerful, the main alto gets better. Is $ EOS $ NEO interesting?

And, if the market price recovers, I would like to add about $ WAN $ ZIL absolutely.

– Baldness * Tsurupikka ☆ Mi (@ chcmZ 8yzEFvjrl 9) July 4, 2018

Besides Lanchain’s three ICOs announced at the beginning of April, it seems that two projects of finance relationship are running as WanLab.
Although it was rebuilding finance why I did not even introduce you here … · pic.twitter.com/kHOK 7OtOxC

– Bear @ mbc (@ mbc_medical) April 25, 2018

Review again
Especially the excitement of three siblings $ ICX and $ AION will accelerate expectations for $ WAN ?

(Reference) $ ICX
Current price: $ 3.2
Distribution token number: 387 m (total number 800 m)
Market capitalization: $ 1,238 m $ AION
Current price: $ 2.8
Distribution token number: 115 m (total number 466 m)
Market capitalization: $ 322 m https://t.co/9 glMuWR 1 rK

– Currency encryption ROM (@ kyama 930) March 23, 2018

Let’s check the chart of Wanchain (WAN)

It is a real time chart of Wanchain ‘s BTC construction.

At the rate as of August 2018 it is lower than the price after listing.

Even Wanchain, which is said to be promising, you can see that the situation of the entire cryptocurrency market is exactly received.

People who think that they want to stock should try to judge when to charge while referring to charts as well.

Let’s use Tradingview Chart for Wanchain’s technical analysis!

TradingviewChart is a tool (site) that can check various charts, and it is a service you want to register if you use charts, including cryptocurrency.

You can check the real time chart of Wanchain.

It will save you time because there are more indicators than Binance’s charts and charts from different exchanges can be confirmed within the same service.

Since you can register for free, it is recommended that you just register.

A list of exchanges that Wanchain (WAN) can purchase! Recommended by Binance

List of exchanges on WAN

It is a list of exchanges where you can trade on WAN.

The transaction volume is Binance’s BTC building the most, followed by Biannce’s ETH denominated .

Banking is the best choice if you trade WAN because transaction volume (volume) is larger, you can trade more smoothly.

Wanchain (WAN) Project Summary

WAN virtual currency  - wan logo

I summarized Wanchain (WAN) , one of the promising cryptocurrency projects.

If Wanchain’s financial platform is realized, you can settle only by having Wanchain Wallet! It may be something like that.

It is a platform system · cross chain solution and there are similar projects, so I want to check it together.

If you want to know more about Wanchain, please read the white paper and check official Twitter etc.

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