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Vitalik “The cryptocurrency will not grow as much as 1000 times from now”

Vitalik "The virtual currency will not grow as much as 1000 times from now"

Ethereum co-founder Vitalic Butlerin said in an interview with Bloomberg that he did not have the opportunity to grow the cryptocurrency 1000 times in the future .

According to Mr. Vitalik, the initial growth of the cryptocurrency was due to marketing, but that strategy is no longer stalled.

The space of the block chain has already reached where the ceiling can be seen.

If you are educated, you’ve heard about block chains at least once.

There is no more opportunity for something to grow by 1000 times in this space.

As the next step I told you it is important to involve people who are interested in real application to economic activity .

It is currently trading at less than $ 250 and has fallen by more than 80% from the highest value this January.

Bloomberg Intelligence marketer Mike McGrone predicts that the cryptocurrency market is maturing and faced with intensifying competition and that it will fall to $ 155.

Article Source: Crypto Growth Nears Ceiling, Ethereum Co-Founder Buterin Says

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