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Wallet who had been suspended from 2014 beat silence and remit 66,233 BTC

Crypto Potato reported that BTC Wallet, which had been suspended for a long time since 2014, suddenly resumed activities and remitted 66,233 BTC, equivalent to $ 260 million (about 29.5 billion yen) .

This wallet holds the balance that can enter the top 20 in BTC wallet, and the owner of Wallet who received it is unknown.

The total amount of Bitcoins remitted this time is larger than the trading volume of yesterday ‘s Binance and Bittrex, so you can see that remittance of this time has a big meaning.

And it is also reported that Wallet who received the remittance is sending small transactions to multiple Wallets.

The wallet on the side that sent the remittance is here, the details of the wallet on the side you received can be checked from here.

The owner of Wallet that eventually received a large amount of BTC is unknown, but if this is an exchange it may be that a large amount of BTC will be sold soon. However, we do not know the details at the moment, so it can be said that paying attention to Wallet’s trend is a good idea.

Article Source: Crypto Potato


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