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Wallet with 110,000 BTC resumes activity and starts remittance to the exchang

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Wallet, which owns 11, 000 thousand Bitcoins (BTC), in the cryptocurrency community within the notice board called Reddit has been talked about resuming activities for the first time in 2014 . There is growing speculation that this wallet with BTC equivalent to 800 million dollars (about 89 billion yen) may be related to Silk Road, a closed dark web site.

Whether large-scale sale of Silk Road is the most promising

Reddit’s user u / sick-silk says the wallet was first confirmed in May 2014. This wallet, which had 111,114.615 BTC from the beginning, resumed its activities for the first time in four years and seems to be sending remittances to multiple exchanges.

11,114 BTC has been remitted to Bitfinex and 4421 BTC has been transferred to Binance, as it is confirmed at this time. u / sick-silk commented that “This is 14% of the original holding amount and the market capitalization exceeds 110 million dollars” .

Various information seems to be complicated with this Wallet, and in part it is said that this remittance suggests the sale of a large-scale BTC, while various arguments about the identity of Wallet owner It is exchanged.

Within Reddit’s cryptocurrency community this account is speculated such as Silk Road account, cold storage of Mount Gox, self-proclaimed Craig Wright’s account of Mr. Craig Wright .

Silkroad was used as a trading place for drugs and illegal items in the online black market that existed on the dark web. The site was able to pay in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, but it was forced to close in October 2013.

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