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Weiss Ratings says Ripple XRP, IOTA, Cardano and NEO are the bargains of today's prices

Weiss Ratings says Ripple XRP, IOTA, Cardano and NEO are the bargains of today's prices

The financial rating agency Weiss Ratings is currently in full swing. As part of a new tweet storm, the agency announced four cryptocurrencies that they believe are “absolute bargains”. The tweet said:

“If you think the crypto market is returning to its former heights, the benchmark for a 10x increase is a 90% decline. As of today, these are the top 25 coins that lost 90% or more: IOTA [MIOTA] = 90%, NEO = 91%, XRP [Ripple XRP] = 93%, ADA [Cardano] = 96%. These are just bargains! “

In another tweet, Weiss said that you see Nano, Basic Attention Token, Stellar, and EOS as four more coins that have a lot of potential. So the company tweeted:

“Here are some cryptocurrencies that look very promising: Nano, Basic Attention Token (BAT), XLM [Stellar Lumens], EOS (…).”

This tweet is published by the company along with its bold forecast on the future of Ethereum and Bitcoin. Weiss stated that Ethereum would take a large market share from Bitcoin over the next five years. The company wrote:

“Bitcoin will lose 50% of its market share in the crypto market to ETH [Ethereum] within five years. That's because Ethereum offers more use cases and builds on better blockchain technology. We fully agree that there are no limits to the application possibilities of ETH [Ethereum]. BTC [Bitcoin], on the other hand, is very one-sided. “

With regard to the five-year period, Weiss apparently referred to a statement by analyst Ian Mcloed. He recently said in an interview with BusinessCloud:

“There will still be ups and downs on the broader crypto market due to the inherent strong core values. Nevertheless, Ethereum will grow in the next few years and beyond. (…) As long as Bitcoin can not handle its scaling problems and improve its underlying technology, we do not see how it will compete with Ethereum over the next five years and beyond. At this time, the crypto market will be even more penetrated into the mainstream. (…) Ethereum is Bitcoin in all but the course, already light years ahead. This gap will be more apparent in the future as more investors jump on the crypto train. “

Overall, the HODLers of the Coins named by Weiss are in any case pleased that such a prestigious company predicts a good future for them. Although you never know for sure how things will turn out, positive signs of the mood-dependent crypto market are always welcome.

Weiss Ratings says Ripple XRP, IOTA, Cardano and NEO are the bargains of today's prices

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