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Whales move million-dollar assets to Stellar, Bitcoin and Ripple (XRP), NEO denies disruptions, Litecoin will compete with Monero and zCash


Not everyone has the time to follow all the news from the world of crypto currencies every day. Here is a summary of the topics that have moved the crypto world over the past few days.

Stellar Lumens, Ripple XRP and Bitcoin

So-called “crypto wales” have moved large amounts of cryptocurrencies this week. They used Stellar Lumens (XLM), Ripple XRP and Bitcoin (BTC). Stellar Lumens posted the highest total transaction value of $ 13 million. An amount of $ 1 million in Stellar Lumens was transferred to crypto exchanges.

Regarding Ripple XRP, a “whale” has sent $ 10 million of XRP coins from the crypto exchange Huobi to an unknown wallet. The company Ripple Labs has continued its mass transfers. In the process, Ripple XRP worth $ 2 million has been transferred from its own over-the-counter wallet to an unknown wallet.

The last major transaction concerns Bitcoin. So someone has transferred 2,000 Bitcoin worth $ 6 million to the Bittrex crypto exchange. This could indicate a trader preparing for a sale.

NEO News

The NEO team has stated that the blockchain from NEO is fully functional and that users' resources are safe. The investors had previously been unsettled because Switcheo had reported an unintentional fork in the network. Switcheo is a decentralized crypto exchange on the NEO Blockchain.

The situation is still unclear. The CoinNess website reported that NEO has stated that the network is creating blocks as usual. In August 2018, a similar incident had occurred. NEO had once confirmed the unintentional fork:

“Instead of a common fork known in the Blockchain Community, the NEO fork was triggered by a rare problem. This involves a consensus in which two valid blocks are offered. If both blocks receive enough signatures from the consensus nodes, this results in a single-block fork. This circumstance did not delay the consensus, but caused confusion among the nodes that got stuck on the clashing blocks. “

Litecoin News

The creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, has come forward with an announcement. He explained that Litecoin wanted to give its users the ability to conduct confidential, non-traceable transactions. On Twitter he wrote:

“fungibility” is the only property of solid money that Bitcoin and Litecoin lack. Now that the scaling debate is behind us, the next scenes are the fungibility and privacy protection. I am now focusing on making Litecoin fungibler by allowing confidential transactions. “

With this move, Lee Litecoin competes with Monero and Zcash. These two cryptocurrencies are currently leading the way in the protection of users' privacy.

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