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What is the feature / reputation of BITPoint (bit point)? Merit / Demerit Summary

BITPoint 評判

BITPoint (bit point) is a domestic exchange operated by a remix point.

Because I was doing a campaign to receive 3,000 yen of BTC for registration, I gradually became more attentive.

This page summarizes the features and reputation of such BITPoint.

If you read this you will be able to grasp the merit and demerit of Bit Point properly and use it with confidence.

Introduce the 5 features and benefits of BITPoint (bit point)!

First let’s grasp the features of BITPoint!

Inbound / withdrawal / transaction fee is free

BITPoint fee

Commission list of BITPoint

type Fee
Spot trading free
Leverage transaction free
Legal currency (JPY) immediate deposit service free
Legal currency (JPY) Deposit Transfer fee only
Withdraw legal currency (JPY) Transfer fee only
cryptocurrency receipt (deposit) free
cryptocurrency remittance (send) free

In FX it costs extra charge of management fees. (0.035%)

BITPoint is characterized by many items where commission is free .

There are not many exchanges where transaction fees are completely free, and withdrawal fees are free .

As the fee also accumulates, it will become a large amount as it is, so it is important to check it thoroughly though it is a fine place.

Leverage transaction (Bitcoin FX) is possible

In bit points you can do leverage transactions of cryptocurrency.

Choose leverage from 2 times, 5 times, 10 times, 25 times .

Loss cut’s margin maintenance rate is 100%, so let’s keep the maintenance rate high and make transactions with a margin.

Can use MT4

BITPoint MT 4

MT4 can be used as a feature not found in other major domestic exchanges of bitpoints (bit points).

Automatic trading by EA is also possible, as well as technical analysis in a familiar environment.

By using MT 4 the width of the transaction spreads much.

Settlement service (BITPoint Pay) is available

BITPoint Pay

BITPoint provides a settlement service for virtual currencies .

It means that you can use BTC or ETH you have in BITPoint as it is as a means of settlement for shops etc.

Also, are automatically also record of settlement, you have to be able to be exactly corresponds to the calculation of tax.

There are few places where BITPoint Pay can be used yet, but I’d like to expect more from now on.

Financial institution’s cryptocurrency exchange trader registration has been completed

BITPoint is registered in the Financial Services Agency’s cryptocurrency exchange trader list.

Exchanges that are not registered in the future will no longer be able to operate in Japan.

BITPoint also corresponded to business improvement order issued to almost all domestic exchanges including bitFlyer and bitbank properly.

Disadvantages of BITPoint (bit point) · Let’s also be careful

If you understand the features and benefits of BITPoint (bit point), let’s also review disadvantages and caveats.

It is important to keep track of including disadvantages.

Less volume

Bit points are still smaller than trading domestic exchanges such as bitFlyer and bitbank.

There is a disadvantage that it is hard to move the large amount, the order is hard to declare if the transaction volume is small.

In order for BITPoint to grow significantly in the future, securing large volumes and transaction volumes is an essential task.

Spread is large

It is related to the small transaction volume, but the spread (the difference in trading price) is wide , it is also reflected in the reputation as a minus point.

If the spread is large, you will have to take more price range in order to make a profit, so it will be difficult to make profits for that amount.

This is also expected to improve as the volume increases.

BITPoint (bit point) reputation · Reviews! Let’s check also the disadvantage

If you understand the features of BITPoint (bit point), let’s also check the reviews of users actually using it!

By checking in advance you can grasp exactly what kind of exchanges are bit points.

A bad review on BITPoint (bit point) – There are issues on volume and spread ~

Bitpoint can also use MT4, but spread is worse.
Since it is a chance for incorporation, I’d like you to lower the spread, right?

It is the story of a long time ago that Bora is like ordinary, so I want it according to the current situation …

– Azu chocolate 🍫🐻 (@ azuchoco 3) July 9, 2018

Well …
I am using bit points,
It will take some time to exceed the threshold in terms of liquidity, volume and spread.
I have no choice but to return to bitFlyer …

– Tara @ Stock Swinger (@ TeraGouki) July 23, 2018

A good word list of BITPoint (bit point) ~ High evaluation of MT4 correspondence and automatic profit and loss calculation ~

Since it also became a remix holder again, I decided to make cryptocurrency transaction a bit point. MT4 seems to be able to use so I will try to buy and sell cryptocurrency 🤗

– Stock God (@ kabukamigs) June 26, 2018

At the bit point, realized profits can be briskly delimited by delimiting the period! This is just a bit point!
Just issue a list of periods for that fiscal year, print out and get taxpayers only
Until the final declaration of super kind design ✨ pic.twitter.com/iZzXtwCKjX

– Umiko 🧜 ♀ ️ (@ umicco 3) July 27, 2018

Reputation of BITPoint (bit point) · Summary

BITPoint (bit point) reputation · We have compiled reviews.

A good reputation for MT4 and automatic profit and loss calculation function was conspicuous.

Also, there are many people who are paying attention because they are exchanges operated by remix points.

On the other hand, demerits caused by few users, such as spread spread due to low volume, seems to have more challenges.

Attention to MT 4 correspondence and BITPoint (bit point) of automatic profit and loss calculation!

Create BITPoint

Features of BITPoint
  • Inbound and withdrawal transaction fee is free
  • Leverage lever to make Bitcoin FX
  • Exchange corresponding to MT 4
  • BITPoint Pay for payment service is available
  • The Financial Services Agency’s registration with the cryptocurrency exchange company has also been completed

BITPoint (bit point) is getting more attention because of the above features and the registration campaign.

Since we must wait for identity confirmation before it becomes available, we recommend early registration. Please try using automatic profit and loss calculations with super convenience and reputation!

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