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Who is Vitalik Buterin (Vital and Butlerin)? What is the life of a genius who gave Ethereum?

Who is Vitalik Buterin (Vital and Butlerin)? What is the life of a genius who gave Ethereum?  - DDNJxl6UIAAD9mp 696x522

It is a person called Vitalik Buterin (Vitalic Butterin) who listens frequently as the topic of Ethereum comes up, who is he?

This time I will introduce the life of Vitalar Butterin, famous as a genius programmer.

Exercise outstanding talent from early childhood

Who is Vitalik Buterin (Vital and Butlerin)? What is the life of a genius who gave Ethereum?  - shutterstock 1183391332

Vitalic was born in 1994 between Russia and Mother of computer analyst and father of business analyst in Moscow. Vitalic immigrated to Canada at the age of 6 at home.

Vitalic who entered Canadian elementary school entered the top class in elementary school third grader and began to show interest in mathematics, programming, economics and other fields. At this point, Vitalic is incorporating into the Gifted program targeting a handful of excellent students as being superior.

Vitalic enters high school called Aberald School in Toronto, where he spends four years. He himself expresses this period as being the most productive and interesting four years in life. The school changed Vitalic’s sense and attitude towards education dramatically and has grown himself into a single person who greedily seeks learning.

Meanwhile, when I was 13 to 15 years old, I am devoted to a game called World of Warcraft. However, the status of the characters he liked suddenly changed by the operation and began to feel distrust of centralization . This may be the turning point that pulls Vitalic into the world of technology utilizing the distributed structure called the cryptocurrency.

Encounter of bitic coin with Vitalic

Who is Vitalik Buterin (Vital and Butlerin)? What is the life of a genius who gave Ethereum?  - shutterstock 1192089829

Vitalic who heard about Bitcoin from father in 2011 predicted there was no intrinsic value there and expected to fail in the future. However, as I listen to the name of Bitcoin several times, I start to get interested. Vitalic then starts part-time as a writer in a Bitcoin special magazine.

Vitalic began to immerse in the cryptocurrency and spent a lot of time on Bitcoin related forums and network research. Originally interested in the element of cryptocurrency, he joined the community and began to pay attention to the technology with infinite possibilities behind the Bitcoin while participating in the community.

The article of Vitalic posted in Bitcoin special magazine catches the eyes of Romanian Bitcoin enthusiast Mihai Alisie and the two will later publish Bitcoin Magazine. Vitalic started working as a head writer in the same magazine, and worked as a research assistant under the cryptographer Ian Goldberg.

Vitalic went on to University of Waterloo in 2012 and majored in computer science which he was interested for a long time. However, Vitalic who participated as a representative of Bitcoin Magazine at the Bitcoin conference held in San Jose, California in 2013 is shocked. He is convinced that the community in which he has participated so far exists at this moment and it is worth participating seriously.

He drops out of college shortly afterwards and departs for a journey around the world using Bitcoins which I have accumulated so far. Vitalic discovered small restaurants and shops accepting Bitcoins in the journey and discovered Bitcoin ATM. However, most of them focused only on how to make maximum use of Bitcoins as money.

In addition, although I talked in a later interview, Vitalic was scheduled to serve Ripple company after leaving the university , but it seems that the talk has flowed due to the relationship of working visa etc.

In October 2013, Vitalic was visiting Israel. So he met the management team of the project called “CovertCoins” and “MasterCoin”. These projects focused on applying block chains to various uses, such as issuing tokens on Bitcoin block chains and executing financial contracts.

While looking at the protocols adopted by these projects, Vitalic began to think that programming can be generalized by using Turing – Complete Language. This language is a language which makes a computer solve a specific problem by giving a memory and an algorithm and a certain time to the computer.

Vitalic will make a new proposal based on this discovery to existing projects, but some of them have opposed that it is still premature.

The man who betted life on Ethicalium

Who is Vitalik Buterin (Vital and Butlerin)? What is the life of a genius who gave Ethereum?  - shutterstock 776426233

Vitalic will publish a white paper that summarizes his ideas in the second half of 2013. About 30 people talked about Vitalical and the concept with the passage of him to his acquaintance. Vitalic hoped that some of them would point out important issues, but never happened.

The original concept of the company was focused on the function as a currency, which was completely different from the present Ethicalium. Vitalic and other members repeatedly discussed and discovered that distributed file storage can be easily programmed in January 2014.

And from this discovery, it has come to approach the current form. The core team led by Vitalical announces a white paper that summarizes the idea that is the base of Etharium, and will send out the first prototype to the world in February 2014.

At this stage the team was planning to do Ether’s cloud sale. Ether was sold with Bitcoins and sold 31,000 BTC for the cumulative total, 18 million dollars (about 2.03 billion yen) at that time value.

Vitalic was elected as the teal fellowship chosen by PayPal founder Peter Teale in the same year and earned 100,000 dollars (about 11 million yen) .

Eliaryam is still known as the third most successful cloud sale in the past and is also supported by leading companies such as The Wall Street Journal.

The Ethical Foundation has developed several prototypes at the official launch of the network. In the last prototype named Olympic (Olympic) the Foundation decided to do a bug bounty. In this bounty 25000 ETH was distributed to bugfinders.

On July 30, 2015 the first public version named Frontier will be released. This version also has a very simple configuration, and it was like a test phase. After that, the Homestead version was released at the timing when the platform was stabilized by the auditor and developer.

The update to Homestead took place in March 2016 and it was released to demonstrate the next generation block chain. A significant update has been made from the previous version, and considerable improvements have been made in terms of practicality as well.

At this point, the company was overwhelming presence in the cryptocurrency market. While the Bitcoin node at that time was 6000, Eliaryam was closer to 5100 and comparable to the king of the cryptocurrency. And well-known companies such as Microsoft and IBM started planning the project on the Enterprise platform.

And the next major update, Metropolis, is split into two parts. The first part was called Byzantium and was scheduled around September to October in 2017. However, postponed to deferment, the implementation was done much later than planned.

Serenity, which is the final stage of updating Enterprise, has not been publicly announced at the moment, and it is unknown when it will be implemented.

The DAO hacking incident and hard fork

Who is Vitalik Buterin (Vital and Butlerin)? What is the life of a genius who gave Ethereum?  - shutterstock 778614100

In addition to distributed applications (Dapps), Ethernet supports DAO. This is an acronym for “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” and it can be said that it is aimed at non-centralization like other block chain projects.

DAO is a system that is managed by rules written by developers, and cloud funding is done first. Users can purchase tokens at this stage and invest money to DAO.

And, when this cloud funding is completed, DAO actually starts operation. Members can make suggestions on the management policy of DAO and members who purchase tokens can vote for it.

The DAO is the name of a project that falls under one of the DAOs and was launched by the German startup. In this project users are said to be able to share cars and houses to differences, also called distributed Airbnb.

And The DAO succeeded in raising a huge sum of 150 million dollars (about 16.9 billion yen) from 11,000 members in cloud funding.

However, The DAO suffers from hacking damage. I think that many people heard about this case since it was widely reported at the time. The cause of this hack was not the network of Ethernet, but it was completely in the system of The DAO. The hacker himself testified that he was vulnerable to The DAO, not an ether.

The hacker succeeded in stealing ETH equivalent to a total of 50 million dollars (about 5.6 billion yen). Shortly afterwards, the price of Eliaryam has fallen from 20 dollars to 13 dollars.

The refund issue of The DAO has developed to the level of enough to involve the Ethariam community. Solutions such as soft forks have also been suggested, but after a community vote, we finally reach the idea of ​​a hard fork.

This is the moment when the Ethical Iron Classic (ETC) was born . However, the two block chains were exactly the same up to the 192,000 block, which caused confusion not only in the Ethariam Community, but also in the entire cryptocurrency area.

Although it is an Ethernet classic currently treated as a completely different currency, functions and block chains themselves are almost the same, and attention is focused on how to differentiate them from now on.

Relations other than Vitalic and Japan

Who is Vitalik Buterin (Vital and Butlerin)? What is the life of a genius who gave Ethereum?  - shutterstock 667925704

Unlike Roger Bar, Vitalic does not particularly show the relationship with Japan, but in reality there are surprising points of contact with visiting Japan several times.

In the event of Tokyo Bitcoin meeting held in Shibuya bar in August of 2017, Vitalic said that he gave a lecture less than an hour. At this time, we are concentrating on solving scalability problems of the company, and it is said that it was a technical lecture.

Also, I am meeting with Mr. Taro Kono who is Foreign Minister on March 27th this year. Mr. Kono has been related to cryptocurrency and block chain related technology for some time and said that Mr. Vitaly talked about introduction of Ethicalam and its future prospects.

In addition, on the 29th two days later, he attended the event event for developers held at the University of Tokyo. Here I explained to Plasma, Sharding, etc. to developers related to Etheramium gathered at the venue.

Current Vitalic

Who is Vitalik Buterin (Vital and Butlerin)? What is the life of a genius who gave Ethereum?  - shutterstock 739779886

Vitalic currently has a base in Singapore. Originally it is an Ethernet protocol that three people have managed, but he expects that the importance of his existence will decline in the near future.

Vitalic insists that it is only Ethicalam that it can become an Earlyam killer, and has an optimistic mindset to the future of the platform. The team led by Vitalik is further stable, devoted to the development of safe and efficient versions of Ethernet, and scalability, security, cost and other issues are becoming an issue.

The future of block chains where Vitalic Butler looks

Who is Vitalik Buterin (Vital and Butlerin)? What is the life of a genius who gave Ethereum?  - shutterstock 749922058

Vitalic points out that standards of block chain technology are being stopped in the past few years, and countermeasures against damage such as incidents and hacking are progressing.

On the other hand, in terms of a true distributed type, it seems that the problem is that there is a service etc. in which the central management entity monopolizes profits while singing distributed networks.

With regard to the company, we say that there is a goal to continue to grow the system while balancing convenience and scalability in the future, to make the system better . In addition, we are working to make block chain technology cheaper, easier and safer to use.

The genius that the block chain world boasts will continue to shine

Although it is overwhelmingly young as 24 years old but it is Vitalic Butterlin who continues to be active in the block chain area, I feel that his potential is still not completely outlined. Of course I will contribute to the future of Ethicalam, but will not it show us that talent in other fields as well?

Although Satoshi Nakamoto who announced the Bitcoin white paper has had a big influence on the so-called world, it can be said that Vitalic has a level influence comparable to him.

He is keen to keep pushing forward toward the future goals I introduced earlier!

Article source: Wired, Cointelegraph, Youtube

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