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Will it be listed next week when the world's first cryptocurrency ETP is approved in Switzerland?

The world’s first cryptocurrency ETP (listed investment product) was approved in Switzerland and it became possible to trade on the Swiss stock exchange next week .

The Swiss stock exchange is a major exchange boasting a market total of 1.6 trillion dollars (about 180 trillion yen), the fourth largest exchange in Europe, attracting attention as it affects the global penetration of the cryptocurrency ETF .

Hany Rashwan, co-founder of Amum’s publisher of index funds to be listed this time, says:

“Amun ETP will be offered to institutional investors who only invest in securities or institutional investors who do not want to use the custody services of digital assets.In addition, individuals who can not access the cryptocurrency exchange due to geographical constraints, We also give investors an opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency. “

The Index Fund contains multiple virtual currencies with large market capitalization, and now nearly 50% account for about 30% of Bitcoin (BTC), followed by Ripple (XRP) .

Also included are Bitcoin cash ABC ($ BCH) and topic light coin ($ LTC) which are topics from the weekend.

Trustnodes reports that Amum ETP is the first index fender listed on exchanges, including three, ripple, Bitcoin cache, light coin.

The breakdown of index funds is said to fluctuate depending on the performance of each currency and market capitalization ranking.

When an investor bought a fund, the issuer purchases the same amount of currency and keeps it safe.

Article Source: Trustnodes


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